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Leadership and Management College - Essay Example

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Management and Leadership are interrelated word which possess the qualities of any person in accomplishment of an organizational goals and objectives collectively .According to Hersey, (2001, pg2) He define management" as the influencing of people and other scarce resources toward meaningful purposes, toward results"…
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Leadership and Management College Essay
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"Leadership and Management College"

Download file to see previous pages Meanwhile, a clear distinction between management and leadership is well stress in a text by Warren Bennis a scholar as , a Manager is a person who administrate the available resources to achieved a meaningful result while a Leader innovates, originate and develop the resources for the same purpose . As a result of this, the effectiveness of leadership and management of human organization can be measure on individual or group influence process. Both concepts are full-time responsibilities that must be practiced every time wisely due to complexities of people and a difficult situation by a man of mission and vision for is organization and country.
Emotional ways of reacting to problem is human nature, this access the situational leadership which is fundamentally determined by leader-follower interaction in the pursuance of goal accomplishment, readiness assessment, leadership intervention, appraisal of the results of this intervention and effective follow-up. (p 8).
In comparing, Woodrow Wilson by H.W. Brands 2003 and Hersey, et al 2001.Hersey advocate in detail the leadership qualities and roles while , Brand look at leadership basically in relation to then U.S.President "Wilson." Despite tremendous, effort of his administration Brands did not recognized these. The effect on Wilson administration is sometime due to the death of his first wife as by the opinion of Brand , his life was just too full to be given real justice .His work and wealth of experience make him to be a distinguished leader in the history of U.S President. Also, the hardship and judicious utilization of opportunity available to him made him to be a role model among his successors.
Nevertheless, Brands never soars "Woodrow Wilson" to have down a great work, this elude me. There are three skills and competency of a leadership, which is required in the administrating an organization or country. The, Wilson administration possess these qualities, they are diagnosing, adapting and communication.
In analysis this point one after the other, Woodrow Wilson always diagnose the requirement of his environment before embarking on any operation which may either have positive or negative effect on his people, such decision includes ,establishment of central bank, and the Federal Reserve in United State. Wilson also used is presidency to effect and administer the national income tax. He used is wealth of knowledge to ensure that United State foster together and have a formidable growth of centralized Federal power
According to Brands, Wilson being a diplomatic, diagnosed united state and found out that they need to involve in the World War 1. These he does by funding Britain and France, in procurement of their needs at the War front such as ammunition to fight the battle .Then, he find out that Solder where needed at the battle field, he provide the combat. This Great War would not have lasted so long if not of his involvement. As a result of this it causes a lot of damages to the fabric of European civilization and colonial influence. The result of this war made the world to have heard of Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini, veterans both of front line combat. These efforts, to my view have it pros and cons, and this emphasized the building of United State at the expense of Europeans ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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