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Police Officer - Admission/Application Essay Example

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There are certain jobs which can be performed only if one is ardent about it. One such job is of a Police officer. The job is herculean and filled with ample of risk. One's life is always on the edge. The late night patrol, chasing a speeding car, and close encounters with criminals makes the most scintillating and a scary affair…
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Police Officer
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Extract of sample "Police Officer"

There are certain jobs which can be performed only if one is ardent about it. One such job is of a Police officer. The job is herculean and filled with ample of risk. One's life is always on the edge. The late night patrol, chasing a speeding car, and close encounters with criminals makes the most scintillating and a scary affair. There are a number of qualifications that have to be met to be a police officer.
The most common requirement was to be a U.S citizen with a valid driving license of the state for which a person is applying.
Age limit was another important factor while taking up a job in the police department. The wide band of 21-44 years was sufficient enough to apply for it.
The easy part of qualification is over. The job unequivocally demands commitment and trust. Thus every police officer needs to go through a polygraph test, medical, and psychological test. These entire tests are stringent and really hard to deceive.
The physical agility and fitness is another factor which holds special importance. My parents always thought that I'm a panda in the making and I should take up kung fu to prevent myself from becoming a plum. I'm neither too obese nor athletic. I never played any sport or went to gym to reduce my fat. So when I learnt about the physical agility examination consisting of four events: 25 push-ups; 30 sit-ups; 165-pound body drag; and a 1.5-mile run. Then I knew my chances were grim.
But when my uncle asked me if I would be interested in migrating to another state for a similar kind of job I was ready for it. There are multiple reasons why I decided to go for a job outside my town.
1. The remuneration in other state police department was higher.
2. It gave me an opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and look up to new challenges.
3. I guess experience is one such thing that is most expensive. The reason behind saying this was that I was offered the job of a police officer in another state while in my own state I was only being obliged as patrol officer. So adhering to this fact I realized that my career would mushroom and shape up much better if I take up the job in another state.
4. The job of a police officer becomes even more tedious if he's posted in a larger city and therefore it would require and a lot more skill and coordination to perform his job.
5. Last but not the least it's about enjoying your job. That's what makes my day. Read More
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Police Officer Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Police Officer Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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