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The aim of this study is to determine whether or not the two groups of ants belong to the same species can be determined through genetic testing and proper labeling of samples coming from each of the groups of ants must be made to ensure the viability of the sample for genetic testing…
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The Genetic Testing of Ants
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It is irrelevant if the ants collected are sterile or are female.  They will all carry the genetic code of the mother.  Since the mother mates with flying male ants then it is better to test for the maternal gene, which is a more stable and a constant variable.
This will make them move and react as if they were in their native soil.  Then observations must be done.  If both groups of ants have the same external appearance, behave in the same manner and have the same patterns in collecting food, storage and even classes of worker ants then it may be safe to say that they belong to the same species.  If not, then they do not belong to the same specie.
Why should we concerned about these facts? We should be concerned by these facts for “all species are important because they contribute to the web of life that supports ecosystems and to the Earth ecosystem that supports us all (Galang, 2009) How is the current mass extinction different from previous extinctions on this planet?  We are witnessing massive levels of extinction with only minor climatic fluctuations.  This means that the current mass extinction is different from previous extinctions because it is not caused by natural climatic fluctuations but by human activity (Turvey, 2009). 
What is the major factor or behavior causing this human-mediated extinction?
Human activity that has contributed greatly to this scenario are Physical Alteration of Habitat (ex. Logging, Mining); Commercial hunting and harvesting; Pest and Predator Control; Collection of Animals and Plants for Human Enjoyment, Research and other Purposes; Pollution (ex. Global Warming) and Loss of Keystone Species (Chiras, 2001). 
What might be the consequences for the species that do survive?
The consequences for the loss of a species is that the food chain is destroyed and consequently this triggers an effect in the food web.  Plenty of species may die because of the loss of a single keystone species.  The consequences of those that survive are to find alternative food resources.  They will compete with those currently eating the same food and hence, the shortage will come about.  (Chiras, 2001)
What might be the consequences for us?
This entire process will hit mankind the most.  Just like animals, we will compete with the existing food resource.  But we have to understand the resource that we are speaking of is finite.  It will eventually be depleted.  For example, it takes several years for a tree to grow and bear fruit than for a man to eat the same. The balance of the ecosystem is destroyed.  We all depend on the ecosystem of the earth to survive.  If the balance is not maintained, we will all suffer and die. (Galang, 2009)
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Ants: Genetical Testing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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