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Pursue MS in Computational Finance - Essay Example

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I still remember my mathematics classes of native school days as if they have just passed by. While the rest of my class would flounder in their attempts to solve labyrinthine mathematical problems, I would complete them accurately with relative ease. Since the very beginning of my academic life, I have possessed acumen in the science of numbers…
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Pursue MS in Computational Finance
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Extract of sample "Pursue MS in Computational Finance"

ment of Purpose Samar (Second Objective: Pursue MS in Computational Finance
University: (University Name)
As part of my endeavor to pursue Masters of Science in Computational Finance field, I am presenting my Statement of Purpose.
I still remember my mathematics classes of native school days as if they have just passed by. While the rest of my class would flounder in their attempts to solve labyrinthine mathematical problems, I would complete them accurately with relative ease. Since the very beginning of my academic life, I have possessed acumen in the science of numbers. I am a firm believer that the universal language is not punctuated by accents or vowels originated from a particular geography; instead it is composed of numbers. Numbers and their manipulations are part of one uniform logical framework which defines reality and scientific truth. However the biggest revelation that I experienced was when I came across the concepts of finance, economics and banking during my under graduation. I began to realize the true importance of numbers. That was when I began comprehending the magnitude of services that mathematics could provide. I immediately realized that a domain that blends mathematics and finance was my future.
My Initial Experiences with Finance
Even before I completed my Class X, I had achieved a high level of proficiency in various nuances of mathematics, much advanced than required by convention. I spent vast amounts of time identifying the roles that mathematics plays in everyday life. Of the various applications with their pith as numbers, I was most fascinated by Finance and its related domains. Consequently, I took up Finance as my major subject for my under-graduation at Georgia State University.
The subjects that I learnt during my undergraduate course have taught me the art of formal and logical thinking. My passion for finance only escalated from day one of my under-graduation. Some of my favorite subjects were Mathematics, Finance, Economics and Risk Management. I took several interesting courses in finance and completed all the required credits successfully. I have also walked an extra step by acquiring the knowledge about the prerequisite courses in calculus, linear algebra and differential equations which I previously lacked.
Apart from successfully completing all the mandated course credits, I kept myself abreast with the latest happenings in the field of finance by constantly going through several White Papers, Online Courses and Video Lectures. I have drafted a project report on portfolio management for a Class of 4000, dealing with issues such as 'how the portfolio must be performed', 'its investments philosophies' and 'weight distributions in different industries'. I have also written successful project reports in the field of Strategic Management. My department also awarded me tuition waivers for last three semesters, to acknowledge my all-round performance during under-graduation.
Although my undergraduate course has imbibed a lot of knowledge in me, I have several unanswered questions in my mind. I wish to fulfill all my quests in acquiring deeper insights in the amazing field of finance. I have always wanted a chance to get involved in advanced research with genius Professors and Lecturers. I thoroughly adore the academic environment and feel motivated with people who are as compelled as I am to educate and challenge themselves. No achievement can quench my insatiable thirst for self-improvement. Most importantly I want to nourish my quantitative computing skills. By pursuing an advanced degree in a field that incorporates computation, will justify my alacrity in quantitative computations. A formal training from (University Name) will widen my scope and elevate my existing skills of finance to greater heights. Finance is a dynamic and variable field. It is a field that is continuously researched and upgraded. Graduate studies at your esteemed university will equip me with modern financial instruments and techniques such as Brownian Motion, Monte Carlo Simulation, Stochastic Calculus and Partial Differential Equations in the decision making process of strategic issues such as Risk Management, Risk Diversification, Hedging Risks etc. 'Designing Financial Variables structured and altered to client needs', 'Formulating and Pricing Collateralized Mortgage Obligations' and 'Asset Backed Securities', would be the things that I would like to master during my graduation.
I am sure I will be able to contribute greatly to my class and the university as a whole. I have a sound knowledge about the dynamics of Bombay Stock Exchange and I can network my prospective classmates with the biggest movers in the Indian finance industry.
I have a sound idea about the courses and research opportunities offered by your esteemed university. I am sure, by completing my Masters of Science degree from (University Name), I will possess all the knowledge and credentials needed for a successful career in the various domains of Finance.
Future Plans
My long term ambition is to establish and manage my own investment bank. However, to achieve this goal, I would like to work for a substantial period of time in the existing investment banking industry. Once I graduate, I would want to work for a leading investment bank with which I can attain experience in and exposure to different areas of concentration such as equity, foreign exchange, derivatives and fixed income.
Investment Banking is a challenging industry and only the bests in the business survive. I believe I will possess all the skills; both technical and non-technical, those are mandated by this critical job down the line.
In Conclusion
I bring with me, strong grasp of fundamentals in the field of Pre Requisite Mathematics, Finance and subjects of Economics. On completion of my Masters degree, I hope to take back with me sound knowledge in advanced courses in the field of Computational Finance, ever lasting bonding with my professors and batch mates and unforgettable memories of an excellent campus life. I earnestly hope that I am considered eligible for MS program at (University Name) which would open new doors and a whole new range of exciting opportunities for me. Read More
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Pursue MS in Computational Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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