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Personal Statement for Masters Degree of Computational Finance - Essay Example

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The paper contains the personal statement, the author of which states that his/her main objective is to establish and manage his/her own bank dealing with investment banking. He/she would like to initially work for a while in the existing market to gain better exposure to the trends in the industry…
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Personal Statement for Masters Degree of Computational Finance
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Extract of sample "Personal Statement for Masters Degree of Computational Finance"

Download file to see previous pages As I walk down the crowded streets of downtown Chicago, I am always left wonderstruck at the high rising skyscrapers. I imagine the elegant office interiors and debonair lives of CEOs and Presidents of various affluent companies nested in these massive buildings. And then I stand there feeling totally elated because I know it is the wonderful field of Finance that has resulted in these modern wonders. From a singleton in a society to the society itself and consequently the world at large; everyone is affected by the variables of finance. And it is this very power and reaches that the field of finance possesses, inspires me every minute to master its various nuances.
Whenever I retrospect my own life, I distinctly see the roller coaster ride that I have been through. I have faced innumerable challenges, including certain events so critical and stressful, that it could have ended my career in a miserable state, had I not managed them effectively. But I have carved my way out of every problem I faced, and today I strongly believe that I possess all the skills necessary to take up any challenge and surface to the solution successfully. Quite interestingly, on observation, it is evident that the most important causes for my success in all the challenges I have faced are my alacrity for finance, management, and mathematics.
My decision to take up finance as my major for my under-graduation was not by chance, but rather by choice. Since the very beginning of my school days, I have been proficient in mathematics. I have always remained to be a topper of my class in all mathematics-related subjects. I have always wanted to enter and consolidate in a field that blends both mathematics and finance.
At the outset, I must confess that my GPA does not fall in the very top percentage of my class. However, I strongly feel that my GPA does not truly reflect my knowledge in the domain. I have taken advanced courses during my under-graduation which justifies the fall in my final GPA. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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