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Graduate Admission - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Life can be very dull and worthless if you do not have a specific target to reach, for yourself. Although this may seem a far-fetched statement, as many people are seen to enjoy life as it is, they just have not realized the factors they will be facing in the future…
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Graduate Admission
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Extract of sample "Graduate Admission"

Terrence Lawrence ment of Intent Life can be very dull and worthless if you do not have a specific target to reach, for yourself. Although thismay seem a far-fetched statement, as many people are seen to enjoy life as it is, they just have not realized the factors they will be facing in the future. I feel very fortunate that the aims I have developed for my later life have helped me a lot, for example, in grabbing opportunities coming my way, and using them to their full extent. My ultimate goal is to become an Athletic Director in higher education, and in order to achieve this post; I thought it necessary to first complete my studies. Thereupon, I came through your sports program and found it suitable to drive me further towards my goals. The impressive features of your program made me decide to formally apply to Mumbo Jumbo University.
I have had two types of formal learning experiences. During my time in Capital University, lack of a major caused my desire to pursue college education, to diminish. In search of solid ground, I moved to the sports and fitness program of Columbus State Community College where I instantly knew that sports management was my future.
While acquiring my Associate's degree, I did a lot of volunteer work, the most significant of which was the fitness camp for children with spina bifida, organized by Children's Hospital. This camp ignited in me the desire to work hard and come out as a successful individual both, for myself and for those who rely on me. It also enabled me to tackle difficult situations, which made my current employment in the recreational department of a juvenile prison, easy.
My volunteer work at YMCA provided an insight into the profound sports industry and thus, an encouragement to pursue my education. It developed leadership qualities inside me so that I could steer this industry into the right direction, establishing equality between minorities and majorities.
While I played football for the Canton McKinley High School in Ohio, I realized my lack of ability in the field. But my love for every aspect of sports, and my ability to build up team spirit in the dressing room kept my drive towards becoming an Athletic Director. This will prevent me from taking part in the field, but at the same time, will satisfy my love for sports by working very closely to the players.
It is my plan in this next educational step to build a stronger bond with sports through my coaching abilities, of which I have quite some experience, and a great yearning to practice. I lay my hopes in my appeal towards assistantship, which includes organization of sports events, coaching, and intramural programming, so that it may lead me to pursue my career as an Athletic Director.
As it is my long-term goal to achieve a rank of this caliber, I assure you that I will strive to gain the highest level of academic excellence you provide, as my performance there will directly affect my future success rate. Thereby, after fully researching your sports program and its alumni, I request your help and cooperation in accomplishing the highest position of what I have been doing so deftly for the past few years. I look forward to the opportunity of fulfilling my academic aims at the Mumbo Jumbo University. Read More
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Graduate Admission /Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words. Retrieved from
(Graduate Admission /Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Graduate Admission /Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Graduate Admission /Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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