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Someone is growing kittens in a bottle, effectively making Bonsai kittens - Essay Example

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Thesis Statement: The Bonsai kitten Internet hoax caused a massive negative public reaction, and even though it was only a hoax, many individuals and animal rights groups took great offense to the Bonsai kitten website and its content and pictures.
I. Attention Getter: How many people here have heard of Bonsai trees These small trees are conformed to different shapes based on what type of container they are grown in…
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Someone is growing kittens in a bottle, effectively making Bonsai kittens
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Extract of sample "Someone is growing kittens in a bottle, effectively making Bonsai kittens"

COM 114 Explanatory Speech: Transformative Outline Bonsai Kittens Specific Purpose ment: To explain to my audience what a Bonsai kitten is and how and why the concept caused such a negative reaction, even though it was a hoax.
Thesis Statement: The Bonsai kitten Internet hoax caused a massive negative public reaction, and even though it was only a hoax, many individuals and animal rights groups took great offense to the Bonsai kitten website and its content and pictures.
I. Attention Getter: How many people here have heard of Bonsai trees These small trees are conformed to different shapes based on what type of container they are grown in. What if the same concept was applied to a live animal, such as a kitten
II. Credibility Statement: The Humane Society of the United States has received numerous complaints about the website since its very beginning. After performing research, they found that it was a hoax "that describes how to stuff kittens into glass containers to warp their bodies into the shape of the container. The site's creator describes and illustrates in detail the method for abusing these animals" (Humane Society, 2008).
III. Relating to the Audience: As long as this hoax has been around and for the sake of preventing animal cruelty, it is important that each of you know about Bonsai kittens and the possibility that there may actually be people out there doing this to the poor animals.
IV. Thesis: The Bonsai kitten Internet hoax caused a massive negative public reaction, and even though it was only a hoax, many individuals and animal rights groups took great offense to the Bonsai kitten website and its content and pictures.
Transistion: First, I would like to explain how the concept started.
I. In 2000, what has become known as the Bonsai kitten website appeared, depicting some very disturbing images of kittens being stuffed into bottles, as well as being fed, breathing, and ridding themselves of waste through tubes. (Wikipedia, 2008)
Transition: Next, I would like to explain the reasoning the creator of the website offered as to why he created Bonsai kittens.
II. The kittens were supposedly stuffed into these bottles as a form of decoration and were not removed until their bones and bodies had become twisted into some sort of desired shape to make them appear less "mundane" than regular animals.
Transition: Now, I would like to explain what the website did that was so offensive, other than showing the pictures.
III. The website even claimed that individuals could order a Bonsai kitten from the website and gave instructions for customers to make their own at home
Transition: Finally, I would like to clarify that the website was a hoax.
IV. "It was soon discovered that the site was hosted on web servers at MIT, and that it had been created by MIT students" (Museum of Hoaxes, 2008, p. 1).
I. Restatement of Thesis: Even though it was a hoax, the Bonsai kitten website caused a major negative reaction among animal rights activists and the general public.
II. Clincher: Even though the website was a hoax, that does not mean that this could not really happen. It is essential that we all keep our eyes out for behavior such as this that harms animals.
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