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Post Washington Consensus Consensus - Essay Example

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John Williamson, the person responsible for the phrase Washington Consensus says: "Audiences the world over seem to believe that this signifies a set of neoliberal policies that have been imposed on hapless countries by the Washington-based international financial institutions and have led them to crisis and misery…
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Post Washington Consensus Consensus
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Extract of sample "Post Washington Consensus Consensus"

Download file to see previous pages primary health care, primary education, and infrastructure ;tax reform (to lower marginal rates and broaden the tax base);Interest rate liberalization ;a competitive exchange rate ;trade liberalization ;liberalization of inflows of foreign direct investment ;privatization ;deregulation (to abolish barriers to entry and exit) and secure property rights. This privatization agenda in pursuit of globalization has come under criticism as (1) says," Some of the most vociferous of today's critics of what they call the Washington Consensus, most prominently Joe Stiglitz... do not object so much to the agenda laid out above as to the neoliberalism that they interpret the term as implying. I of course never intended my term to imply policies like capital account liberalization...monetarism, supply-side economics, or a minimal state (getting the state out of welfare provision and income redistribution), which I think of as the quintessentially neoliberal ideas". In development literature it is examined and accepted that The Washington consensus emerged out of a kind of counter reaction in development economics (3) to what has been termed as rather operationally successful neoliberal revolution against Keynesianism prescriptions of the 1970s.The Washington Consensus, materialized in large and specially built Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) suggested for a substantial portion of the developing countries in the ensuing years of 1980s and 1990s.It was the outcomes of these SAPs that were not along expected lines and which resulted in external criticism of The Washington Consensus itself. Joseph Stiglitz a World Bank Economist was the most prominent insider to offer criticism of the neoliberalism inherent in The Washington Consensus and the body of criticism is now termed as post Washington consensus consensus (4) in the sense that it agrees on drawbacks and weak points of the consensus. This paper examines the critical body of arguments posed in this new consensus.
2.Post Washington Consensus Consensus
(5) exemplify in detail the various outcomes of the SAPs, based on The Washington Consensus, which not fell short of mark in their prime objective of achieving economic growth through market deregulation but also created other weak spots.Amin states that SAPs resulted in ," a sharp increase in unemployment, a fall in the
remuneration of work, an increase in food dependency, a grave deterioration of the
environment, a deterioration in healthcare systems, a fall in admissions to educational
institutions, a decline in the productive capacity of many nations, the sabotage of democratic systems, and the continued growth of external debt. "This made Stiglitz look out for an intellectual alternative t economic growth model. An alternative which was not based on sole emphasis on deregulations of all categories of markets to attain economic growth targets. Stiglitz writes about 'a new paradigm for economic development' (6).This idea of anew consensus arrived from Stiglitz when global development financial institutions had undergone a major policy shift after having witnessed the Asian crisis and analyzed its reasons that were traced to deregulated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Topic; Washington Consensus March 8, 2008 It was the famous economist and american think tank John Williamson who coined the term Washington Consensus. This term refers to the following policies prescribed by the reform package of the consensus in 1989 originally aimed at radical economic reforms in the developing world (Williamson John 1989). In tandem took place the creation of International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and US treasury Department. 1- Trade liberalization 2- Increase in the interest rates 3- Privatization of public enterprizes and deregulation of economy 4- Tax reforms 5- Withdrawl of subsidies 6- Decrease in the social spendings by the states 7- Protection of intellectual property rights 8- Exchange...
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... and 1990s.It was the outcomes of these SAPs that were not along expected lines and which resulted in external criticism of The Washington Consensus itself. Joseph Stiglitz a World Bank Economist was the most prominent insider to offer criticism of the neoliberalism inherent in The Washington Consensus and the body of criticism is now termed as post Washington consensus consensus (4) in the sense that it agrees on drawbacks and weak points of the consensus. This paper examines the critical body of arguments posed in this new consensus. 2.Post Washington Consensus Consensus (5) exemplify in detail the various outcomes of the SAPs, based on The Washington Consensus, which not fell short of mark in their prime objective of achieving...
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licy of the developing nations only that includes reduction of government deficits, liberalization and deregulation of international trade as well as cross border investment.
This term was first used by John Williamson in 1989. It was used to describe a set of ten specific economic policy prescriptions that was considered by his as the standard reform package promoted for the crisis wracked developing countries. This consensus was influential during the 1990’s. During the first decade of the 21st century, this concept became increasingly controversial. After the outbreak of the economic chaos during 2008 and 2009, it was thought that Washington consensus has found its end (Poverty and development policy).
John Williamson...
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...Post-Washington Consensus Policies and it`s relevance with the Modern World As a consequence to the demise of cold-war era, there emerged a network on indebted states. Also, Latin American states during the 1990`s were also in dire need of some kind of economical assistance (Stiglitz 1998). Thus, in such a scenario the US had to emerge as a savior for the developing world. The Washington Consensus was a product of the conference paper written in 1989 to draft a policy aiming at the relief of the developing states. The Washington Consensus incorporated around ten policy lines to be implemented at microeconomic as well as macroeconomic level to be adopted by these developing states, especially the Latin American states and the ex-communist...
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False consensus refers to an egocentric bias that occurs when people estimate consensus for their own behaviors. Specifically, the false consensus hypothesis holds that people who engage in a given behavior will estimate that behavior to be more common than it is estimated to be by people who engage in alternative behaviors.

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... Issues in Development Theory What is the theoretical underpinning of the Post-Washington Consensus? Has this paradigm shift changed the practice of the Bretton Woods institutions? Introduction In recent history, the capitalist world and the western world at large has been faced with several key issues like inflation, third world debt and currency crises that have often been associated with the policies resulting from the Washington Consensus. Although it seems far fetched, yet even the rise in terrorism and terrorist activity has been linked with the policies created from the understandings of the Washington Consensus. In effect, it is a vital item of debate which must be clearly understood by all those who wish to be a part...
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And, one of the written forms through which the author will reflect all his/ her ‘events influenced thought process’, is the fiction. So, from early centuries, fictions have been a great medium to imprint one’s life as well as to see and read one’s life. And, Writers from the United Kingdom also wrote events influenced fictions as a variation to plays. And this paper will analyze the event of World Wars and its impact, as an aspect of modernism, and then demonstrate its use in the modernist writing, “The Happy Autumn Fields” written by the Irish born English author, Elizabeth Bowen.

Among an assortment of events of the 20th century, the two World Wars only impacted the people en masse...
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The two blocs attempted to prove that their ideologies were better and some of the significant issues they attempted to present their ideas on were liberalism, globalization, ethnic conflict, and democratic peace.

The ideologies of the Western bloc were pro-liberalism as they believed in having a free market or mixed economy and giving due rights to individuals. In contrast, the Eastern bloc fought in favor of a planned economy with everything under the authority of central power. One bloc treated global peace as a result of democracy while the other bloc presented views to suggest that democratic peace is an unattainable concept. These debates and issues became even more heated with the worsening global political situa...
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The paper then takes note of a number of initiatives that have attempted to combine local policing with intelligence work. This shift from crime-prevention to counter-terrorism has had a profound effect upon these local law enforcement divisions; lack of proper funding has also undermined these projects, leaving local officers with the ability to prevent terrorists, but either lacking in resources or risking becoming dependant upon intelligence divisions. The paper will then turn to a consideration of two local communities, Dearborn, Michigan, and Las Vegas, Nevada, that have been involved in these initiatives, and considers the impact of counter-terrorism policing upon the wider local law enforcement of the region.

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...History of Washington Consensus The Washington Consensus was designed to take the developing countries out of their debt crisis. The consensus was made keeping in mind the fact that by helping the debtor countries out of the debt burden, the economy will eventually gain. The Washington Consensus was initially designed by John Williamson. The Consensus consisted of a set of ten economic policies as listed below. 1. It recommended the introduction of a fiscal discipline among all the debt wrecked countries. The economy of the developing countries suffered largely because of the huge debts. This created huge deficits in the BOP of such countries, ultimately leading to inflation. Hence, it is extremely necessary to establish a fiscal...
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There is a strong and credible argument that the United States foreign policy has encouraged widespread destabilization across the world, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. The use of the United States military should be restricted to situations where the country’s regional integrity, liberty, or sovereignty is under threat.
President George Washington, the founding father of the United States, established the country’s first foreign policy that forbids the new republic to engage in political and power struggles in other countries across the globe. During his farewell speech in 1796, the president stated that “the great rule of conduct for the United States foreign policy is ext...
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In the post-structuralist approach to the textual analysis, the reader usually replaces the author as the main subject of iniquity. This displacement is commonly known as destabilizing the author, even though it has a significant impact on the tex...
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