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Post Washington Consensus Consensus - Essay Example

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John Williamson, the person responsible for the phrase Washington Consensus says: "Audiences the world over seem to believe that this signifies a set of neoliberal policies that have been imposed on hapless countries by the Washington-based international financial institutions and have led them to crisis and misery…
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Post Washington Consensus Consensus

Download file to see previous pages... primary health care, primary education, and infrastructure ;tax reform (to lower marginal rates and broaden the tax base);Interest rate liberalization ;a competitive exchange rate ;trade liberalization ;liberalization of inflows of foreign direct investment ;privatization ;deregulation (to abolish barriers to entry and exit) and secure property rights. This privatization agenda in pursuit of globalization has come under criticism as (1) says," Some of the most vociferous of today's critics of what they call the Washington Consensus, most prominently Joe Stiglitz... do not object so much to the agenda laid out above as to the neoliberalism that they interpret the term as implying. I of course never intended my term to imply policies like capital account liberalization...monetarism, supply-side economics, or a minimal state (getting the state out of welfare provision and income redistribution), which I think of as the quintessentially neoliberal ideas". In development literature it is examined and accepted that The Washington consensus emerged out of a kind of counter reaction in development economics (3) to what has been termed as rather operationally successful neoliberal revolution against Keynesianism prescriptions of the 1970s.The Washington Consensus, materialized in large and specially built Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) suggested for a substantial portion of the developing countries in the ensuing years of 1980s and 1990s.It was the outcomes of these SAPs that were not along expected lines and which resulted in external criticism of The Washington Consensus itself. Joseph Stiglitz a World Bank Economist was the most prominent insider to offer criticism of the neoliberalism inherent in The Washington Consensus and the body of criticism is now termed as post Washington consensus consensus (4) in the sense that it agrees on drawbacks and weak points of the consensus. This paper examines the critical body of arguments posed in this new consensus.

2.Post Washington Consensus Consensus

(5) exemplify in detail the various outcomes of the SAPs, based on The Washington Consensus, which not fell short of mark in their prime objective of achieving economic growth through market deregulation but also created other weak spots.Amin states that SAPs resulted in ," a sharp increase in unemployment, a fall in the
remuneration of work, an increase in food dependency, a grave deterioration of the
environment, a deterioration in healthcare systems, a fall in admissions to educational
institutions, a decline in the productive capacity of many nations, the sabotage of democratic systems, and the continued growth of external debt. "This made Stiglitz look out for an intellectual alternative t economic growth model. An alternative which was not based on sole emphasis on deregulations of all categories of markets to attain economic growth targets. Stiglitz writes about 'a new paradigm for economic development' (6).This idea of anew consensus arrived from Stiglitz when global development financial institutions had undergone a major policy shift after having witnessed the Asian crisis and analyzed its reasons that were traced to deregulated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Washington Consensus: Success or Failure
In the name of fiscal discipline, Washington Consensus waged a war on the welfare state in Europe and also the welfare polices of many developing countries such as India, Russia and Brazil. The mindless pursuit of policies of Washington Consensus has badly affected the agricultural economy in many countries.
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Washington Consensus and its impact on Thirds World Countries
The term, as Williamson conceived it, was in principle geographically and historically specific, a lowest common denominator of the reforms that he judged ‘Washington’ could agree were required in Latin America at the time. Alternate Arguments: There are economists who have argued that Washington Consensus was not applied in the right way in Latin America as well as parts of Asia and Africa.
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Why was the Washington consensus irresistible in Latin America
Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Title: The Washington Consensus: An Analytical Discussion and Review of Why This Particular Approach was Readily Integrated within Latin America Introduction: The international political economy is a complex study which seeks to understand the means by which economic decisions and agreements from various stakeholders are able to impact upon the way in which economic growth, stabilization, recession, depression, integration, and a litany of other factors come to take place within a given nation or between a groups of stakeholders.
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Why was the Washington consensus irresistible in Latin America
Why the Washington Consensus Was Irresistible in Latin America Customer Inserts His/Her Name Grade Course Tutor’s Name (18 December 2013) Outline Outline 2 Introduction 3 Why the consensus was irresistible to Latin America 3 Loss making in state enterprises 3 Distortion of allocation of resources 5 ISI programs 6 Low foreign investment 7 The debt crisis 9 The role of the IMF and Bretton Woods Institutions 11 Effects of globalisation 16 Conclusion 17 References 19 Why the Washington Consensus Was Irresistible in Latin America Introduction The Washington consensus was a series of neoliberal policies that arose from the US and diffused across several developing nations including Latin American
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Main objective of these reforms package and creation of international financial institutions was to revamp the failing economies of Latin America, Africa and south Asia in 1980s. Free market economy was supposed to give a strong boost to the economies in the developing world.
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This has led them to misery and crisis. Individuals are there, who without foaming at the mouth cannot utter this term. The phrase 'Washington Consensus' was initially created in the year 1990 by Williamson. It referred to least common denominator of the policy advice that was being addressed by the Institutions base in Washington to the Latin American countries of the year 1989.
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Majoritarian vs. Consensus Democracy
The debate will often come to a passé between Majoritarian and Consensus democracies and it will be up to the individual political analyst to select on which is nearer to his/her heart. Between the
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Arguments for Post-Washington Consensus Consensus by Joseph Stiglitz
The author examines the arguments which criticise the liberalization of the economy. From these arguments, it is clear that trade and market liberalization leads to economic growth and development in the short run. However several social safety nets are required to ensure that it doesn't result in either market failures or enhancement of economic inequalities which instead of improving the overall well being of individuals only exacerbates it
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On what grounds has the Washington Consensus been criticized Is the Post Washington Consensus a viable alternative Critically discuss
In short these refer to market friendly policies that were advised to be used in developed and developing economies. In the narrow sense it is somewhat used as the economic
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The Post-Washington Consensus policies should be completely abandoned and countries left to choose their own development paths. Discuss
The Washington Consensus was a product of the conference paper written in 1989 to draft a policy aiming at the relief of the developing states. The Washington Consensus incorporated around ten policy lines to be implemented at microeconomic as well as
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