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Object Oriented Metrics - Essay Example

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An object oriented matrix analysis and design of software has many advantages. Some of these advantages include readability, decomposition of problem into easily understood object and finally the software helps any modification that may be included. The development of object oriented metrics is a very complex design that requires a number of systematic approaches or steps…
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Object Oriented Metrics
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Extract of sample "Object Oriented Metrics"

Download file to see previous pages This paper therefore discloses three perspectives under which Object Oriented metrics can be considered. The first one is the fault analysis by OOM, types and new metrics and finally their functions
Based on Object Oriented Metrics there are two types of faulty and these include the type I, type II and type III faults. Type I and II are the ones termed as OO faults and type III ones are the non- OO faults. The type I faults are mostly connected to the Object Oriented (OO) and are normally introduced by features such as Inheritance and Polymorphism. The type I faults therefore can be categorized further into two sub-divisions. These are the Inheritance faults and Polymorphism faults derived from the features introducing the faults (Fenton, 1991).
The Inheritance OO fault majority is introduced or occur when derived class modifies data / information member of the base class and this finally changes the behavior of the base class, causing the fault in the long runs modification results into changing the environment of the base class that inform causes faults encountered. Then faults caused are either encountered in the derived class or the base class.
Polymorphism fault is another type of object oriented fault encountered on the O...
For example when two objects send different bindings to send a service request then the total combination is the product of the findings from the two objects - resulting into different combination binding into the occurrence of a fault called Polymorphism fault. The fault actually occurs when testing is not done in the testing phase (Harrison, 1988).
The type II faults are special kinds of OO characterized by object copying, dangling reference and object memory usage faults objects copying fault occur if there is a duplication of the original object or the generation of a reference to the original object. This occurs during the implementation of the method of copying whereby the copying method may be incorrect. Dangling reference fault from the word Dangle meaning hang or swing without anything stopping it. Therefore, Dangling reference fault is experienced when an object say object X tries to reference another object say Y that was destroyed by a third object say object Z. the object memory usage fault on the other hand happens when an object allocates during the run time allocates memory but fails to remove the information when no longer required. Basically, this is how the object oriented memory usage fault occurs (Basil, Bariand and Melo, 1996).
The type III faults are also called / referred to as a non - OO faults because they are not related to objects. They are traditional faults therefore are classified under the traditional software (Harrison 1988).
After looking at the object oriented faults, it is therefore logical to be able to understand the object Oriented Metrics. These are system softwares that are developed to realize the structure and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Object Oriented Metrics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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