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Brain Injury - Essay Example

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Brain injury affects the working of the brain by altering the level of behaviour, biochemical and structural functioning of it. It is not spontaneous but is caused due to an injury as a result of pressure on one's brain; it may have a short-term or a long-term effect1…
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Brain Injury
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Extract of sample "Brain Injury"

Download file to see previous pages Such as, it may bring about memory loss, affects speed, duration and interpretation of the process of information involving sensory perception with existing knowledge. Also possible reaction time obstruction can lead to a decline in productivity or injury in some cases along with motor disability. All of this leads to concentration problems, irritation, understanding language, impulsiveness, seizures, headaches, unpredictable behaviour, skills detriment and difficulty in learning and carrying out daily activities.
Diagnosing brain injury is a difficult process because injuries to the brain mostly go undetected. There are several reasons of this; neurological tests fail to detect cases of brain injury because these are not sensitive to detection equipment. Secondly, casual communication of doctors with patients may not show any indication of it. Even the patients themselves are not aware of symptoms and take them lightly if they are. On the other hand, close observation of such people may verify the differences in behaviour as alteration in one's temperament occurs to some extent. All this aids in determining the seriousness of the injury also the people closely related to the injured may comprehend behavioural changes instinctively.
It is unknown how many patients acquire brain injury because several injured persons aren't hospitalized at all; in fact it has decreased2.
The most common cause of brain injury is accidents involving vehicles which account for half of all brain injuries in America alone and child abuse in children. Although, aged people are more vulnerable to these injuries as of their tenuous brains but it effects young people the same way even if the injuries are not that serious. In addition, patients suffering from brain injury are most likely to have further injuries to their brains. Children especially the ones not in school yet are in the least danger of acquiring such an injury though they may suffer from one due to a serious fall.
The troubles of rehabilitation are not only physical but also cognitive, psychological and behavioral that can cause long-term problems such as acute management, memory loss and social limitations. However, further advancement in technology makes it easier for the therapists and rehabilitation to make use of products especially designed for people with abilities3.
Treatments devised for the sufferers of brain injury are different for individuals of different ages like preschoolers, adolescents in school, employees and retired persons. For the benefit of all the patients, therapies determining the effects brain injury have on the performance of an individual are developed. Cognitive therapy involves understanding differences in before and after performance of the patient and focusing on changes in skills or reasoning. It happens often that patients face hard time expressing themselves and understanding others which is helped through speech therapy. Patients deal better if they are focused on developing skills and increasing productivity as they will pay less attention to their problems emotionally.
While, psychological therapy aims to assist patients adapt better to the symptoms of brain injury such as acceptance of how they are now compared to prior injury. The psychological adaptations are important in daily activities, recreation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brain Injury Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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