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Laboratory - Lab Report Example

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PACS or Picture Archiving and Communications System is a computer network system which is designed to transfer, store as well as to retrieve digital medical images that can be viewed at the right place, and also at the right time. This software can integrate data from one system to another system, whether inside or outside healthcare departments…
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Extract of sample "Laboratory"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, The PACS system is equipped with a central core consisting of a 300-gigabyte central server; a set of 1.25-terabyte optical jukebox archive together with adjustable wavelet compression or PacsPro II that is an EMED Technologies, Lexington, MA; some workstations which are four-panel 2.5 2.0K monitors (average rate image display time is less than 2 sec/full-resolution computed radiography image. The Images in PACS system are routed to individual workstations based on the algorithm that applies a synthesis of patient location, image source, day of week, time of day, imaging type, and Common Procedure Terminology (CPT) code (Gale, Gale, Schwartz, Muse and Walker, 2000).
Oracle is a new networking infrastructures and applications that provides highly available integrated and high level of performance software components that meets the demands of most industries. The Oracle empowers applications with very
high throughput and instant responsiveness and performance-critical functions faster. The combination of programs are delivered on the data management requirements important to realize service agility like: Superior combination of batch performance and real-time for data located in call control as well as back office applications; Intelligent caching; Providing support geographically for "fail over" and load balancing; full adherence to standard interfaces; Easy manageability and low maintenance requirements; and non-stop operations capable of achieving carrier-grade availability (Oracle Corporation, 2007).
All PACS products (The Royal College of Radiologists, 2002) consist of database that can store information of patients, at the same time, cataloguing their imaging studies. Several PACS installations integrate and use a single relational Oracle databases to data storage. The user then, interacts instantly with the Oracle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Laboratory Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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... will assist in the operation of machinery and automated instruments in the laboratories. 1. Skills and talents will make you successful in your studies and afterward in a job Motor skills Medical technicians require motor skills due to their job description. They are required to carry safely out chemical examination of various drugs and diseases. In most cases, technicians are required to use their hands in the testing procedure and legs while moving to the laboratory to check for other tests. Sufficient motor function is required in a laboratory where anything can go wrong ranging from chemical spills or spread of toxic materials. The presence of excellent motor skills is a required skill that will boost a technicians performance...
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