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Dune by Frank Herbert - Essay Example

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Dune is story about conflict of Interests characterized primarily by politics and economics. Although fictionalized by Herbert, much is to be said about the message it conveys in relations with our present condition. There are four facet of controversy established in this book, among which include religion, human evolution, Ecology, that all revolve around a more profound and prevalent issue becoming the source of the overall conflict, which is politics…
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Dune by Frank Herbert
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Extract of sample "Dune by Frank Herbert"

Download file to see previous pages Dune, proved that for centuries of overwhelming greed and need to acquire and retain more power through the political system as an avenue whereby reign and control is passed on to the generation next in line, a very classic feudal system that exists even at present. The political struggle brought about by the three feuding noble house describes how a ruler perceives the thrown: not just for source of power and wealth but most importantly the preservation of bloodline. Unfortunately, when an heir inherits a thrown, not only wealth and power is passed on, but also the "sins of his father" as when Paul Atreides put upon himself the burden of avenging the death of his father: "I swore never to wear it again until I was ready to lead my troops over all of Arrakis and claim it as my rightful fief" (p 363). Usually characterized by treachery, vengeance in Herbert's book coined "Kanly" to be a culturally accepted means to recover what is rightfully owned. Politics is known for the employment of necessary means to sustain greed, the manipulation of resources that is necessary to the community paving way for submission. This is how tyranny is born, a very controlled dictated manner of acquiring supremacy over the subject. This is not only evident in the way the CHOAM rules over the entire Imperium, for they are themselves dependent upon the resources found in the planet Dune. Thus political and personal interest over this planet paints every detail of treacherous plan to overthrow the house of Atreides. It is evident that once our greed overpowers our morals, we acquire the natural tendency to prevail our own selfish interests by resorting to evil and malicious ways. This is very apparent at present and we hear about this almost every day in the news. The advances that the modern times provides, encourages man to seek more, yet sometimes even with his acquisitions, still finds it inadequate. As prevalent as it may seem in our political system, regardless of the check and balance implemented to avoid this kind of problem, still a question remains, has feudalism really been successfully eradicated Or is it just lurking behind the skirts of so called democracy "Corruption wears infinite disguise" (Tleilaxu Thu-zan. P.83).
On the Role of Religion:
Religion as we already know extends its roots far beyond the creases of history whereby it plays an important role both in the aspect of faith and politics. In this book, Religion determines the manner with which a ruler governs, as evidenced by the significant influence of ancient teaching and the concept of the Benne Gesserit, who ordered the Missionaria Protectiva to spread prophecies and legends to the developing world and exploited these legends so that they gain respect and eventually power over these nave inhabitants who believes in contrive legends thus: "The Fremen around the ball glanced knowingly at each other. Did the legend not say: "And his word shall carry death eternal to those who stand against righteousness" (p 406). It is therefore clear the both religion and politics integrate itself into one determinant factor to sustain personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dune by Frank Herbert Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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