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AT&T - Essay Example

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This report is divided into different sections. The first section deals with the AT&T's mission statement and how are they planning to achieve what they say in their mission statement. The organization on the whole as a business is not doing too well. This is discussed in the internal and external analysis of the company in the form of SWOT analysis…
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Extract of sample "AT&T"

Download file to see previous pages Then comes the Porter's five forces to see if it is favorable to invest in the telecom industry. The issues that need to be considered are stated after which the recommendations are given for the organization to take over.
The AT&T Foundation invests globally in projects that are at the intersection of community needs and AT&T's business interests. Emphasis is placed on programs that serve the needs of people in communities where AT&T has a significant business presence, initiatives that use technology in innovative ways, and programs in which AT&T employees are actively involved as contributors or volunteers
AT&T has a societal purpose. Public service and social responsibility are traditions deeply embedded at AT&T. The AT&T Foundation seeks to educate, enrich, engage, and empower the communities served by AT&T. Some of the priorities that the AT&T Foundation supports includes:
The first divestiture was the result of AT&T and the Regional Bell Operating Companies. With this divestiture, AT&T lost its ability to reach almost every consumer in the US by its wires and bills, as they were no more providing local exchange services.
With the incoming of fiber optic transmission and other technologies, the competition aroused in long distance telephone services. AT&T had to build up on these new technologies and reinvention was required. The lack of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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