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The infuence of goverment on globalisation - Essay Example

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Globalisation is not a nostrum. It may subject the participant nations to sustain shocks in some situations. Globalisation changes certain elements of lifestyle, because some tastes and consumption preferences are laid over during the trade affairs. Arresting the flow of ideas, goods and commercial products has considerably caused stagnation and impeded the growth and development of any nation…
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The infuence of goverment on globalisation
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Extract of sample "The infuence of goverment on globalisation"

Download file to see previous pages The development thrust of globalisation arresting the movement of people is to be controlled in terms of its speed only. Such control is in the hands of the political forces. Involvement of politicians and their policy decisions play an important role in global trade. Considering the cultural and social implications of globalisation in every country the political top brass either exercise complete control or allow free flow of foreign trade. This fluctuation has its impact on globalisation creating restriction of movement of people and their labour. Since movement of people is their fundamental right, placing hands of pressure on it will retard development of a nation. As far as speed is concerned, globalisation helps much in the development of a country in a speedy manner, lubing the economic friction within the nation.
The entire global population is divided into two on globalisation. One group defends and the other opposes the new phenomenon. Defenders are filled with only speed of implementation while opposing group has so many cards in their chest. Economists doubt whether globalisation brings wealth at the price of inequalities. Cultural Marxists worry about the capital drift and historians assume that globalisation will not acquire any archival importance. (Arjun Appadurai, 2001, pp1)
The first large scale 'denationalisation' programme of the post-war era occurred in 1961 in Federal Republic of Germany during Konard Adenauer's regime. Major stocks of Volkswagon were sold through public share issue. When Mrs.Thatcher came to power again in 1983 re-election, privatisation programme accelerated dramatically and annual proceeds from asset sales approached 5 billion. (Sudir Naib, 2004, pp138-139)
Productivity certainly brings about self-reliance. However the essence and fragrance of it can be felt only at the completion of production and its usage. During the process of production, mobility of labour and individuals tend to reduce the speed of production. This makes the executives and administrators to resort to modalities such as throwing sops and doles to citizens with a view to divert their attention only to the business. Albeit enjoying the tastes of such free aids, restriction on their movement causes mental imbalance in individuals leading to upsurge. People and political parties of leftist ideologies make use of this situation to their advancement. They paint the entire globalisation as something unwanted or misleading. Globalisation has to be conceived correctly first. Allowing globalisation effects on the economy is secondary. As a hypothesis globalisation is a device, which can be harnessed by any country for the internal and international development. Since trade is the main aspect of globalisation, interaction between nations becomes plausible. Hardships arising at the hour of social and cultural mingling generated by globalisation must be dealt with separately. While handling such issues it should be borne in mind that globalisation is not the crux of the problems but the problems are the spin-off of its implementation. Outright application of globalisation in all fields naturally leads to some problems. Following IMF regulations, the Mexican government reduced many of its food subsidies in 1982. This landed in the increase of 180% of minimum wage and 224% increase in basic food price. During 1984 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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