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Television as a Cultural Transporter in Human Lives - Essay Example

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Since the advent of humans on this planet, a long way has been passed during the journey that has progressed from the Iron Age until the present era of information technology. In the result, more and more facilities and amenities have been developed by man, which has revolutionized and benefited the human race around the world…
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Television as a Cultural Transporter in Human Lives
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Extract of sample "Television as a Cultural Transporter in Human Lives"

Download file to see previous pages Man has been benefiting by the abovementioned term that has powerfully provided an informative, as well as, interactive platform throughout the world.
Briefly, various services and resources have been collected and provided by the television in an entertaining manner for the improvement and promotion of humankind. In the history of humankind, the field of communication has developed a lot, and one of the most outstanding innovations is conceivably, the television. (Burns, pp. 52-56, 1998) However, everything has its advantages, as well as, disadvantages, and it depends upon the person to either benefit by it, or allow the matter to harm the surroundings. Thus, television and television broadcasting has also advantages, as well as, drawbacks; however, disadvantages have been outweighed by the superior enormity of its advantages.
Although, it is a common thought that the principle ingredients of the television are dramas, soaps, advertising, and the news. However, television constitutes of more than the abovementioned tools and resources, which will be discussed in this paper. Nowadays, contemporary state of affairs has been benefiting by this tool, which has proved itself as one of the best among rest of the world. Today, a single room has been presented as a new and innovative appearance of the whole globe. (Dornfield, pp. 51-54, 1998) Currently, a student can even acquire his education on the television without even standing up from his chair. On the other hand, a businessperson can make a deal by being updated of best suppliers, as well as, latest technologies around the world without any visa application, as well as, without any travelling expenses, which was not possible some decades ago.
Moreover, a South African can catch latest news of an event occurring in United Kingdom, which has only become possible due to the availability of the television broadcasting in almost every corner of the world. In addition, hundreds of channels can be seen and entertain millions of viewers and captivate them within some remote clicks, and without collecting the videos that require lots of space. Interestingly, shopping can also be done on television within minutes with the help of credit cards without roaming in the rush of shopping malls, which has been greatly appreciated by the female populace of the globe. Thus, television has become a matter of just fingertips, and has promoted, as well as, assisted the humans in achieving a better and improved place in their lives. (Cole, pp. 32-38, 1970)
In other words, a small global village has been formed by the creation and introduction of television into the human lives. Communication has become a matter of seconds from one corner of the world to another. A number of news channels have been established to provide current affairs, recent updates, breaking news, business news, etc. to millions of viewers from different and diverse cultures around the globe. Reliability and speed is being innovated and improved day by day, which has changed the perceptions of humans at all. It is now just a fraction of second to check the weather report of an African city, or study the European culture from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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