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The Anglo-Saxon Invasion - Essay Example

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The Anglo-Saxons invasion was not only the invasion of army and administration but also the invasion of a whole society. The emperor Honorius sent a letter of great significance to Britannia province of Rome in 410 AD. The tension of Barbarian on Rome enforced the royal leader to recall the last of the legions remaining there…
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The Anglo-Saxon Invasion
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Extract of sample "The Anglo-Saxon Invasion"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, when the army left the place, then the Roman-British people did not have anything except to use their own methods and weapons to protect themselves; later on they started relying on Saxon for their protection.
The years after the down fall of the Roman government in Britain in the early years of the fifth century and the arrival of St Augustine at the end of the sixth were the period of momentous revolutionize.
During that era, the material character of the nation and their language and institutions were completely altered. The Celtic British was replaced by the Germanic people and were able to become the majority of the lowland Britain. Celtic or Latin dialects and the more centrally governed Roman provinces were replaced by Germanic dialects and loose knit & feuding hereditary kingships respectively. This transition was not recorded properly as Germanic immigrants were neither literate nor religious.
The Jutland is now called Denmark. Initially the people of the Jutland were farmers. The land of the Jutland was not feasible for farming purposes or fertile; therefore, they decided to find a new land where they could cultivate their grains.
When they were searching for a new land, they reached a place called Anglo-Saxon England; they saw that this place is not only good for food purposes but also for other sources of income. They started raiding on this place by using the famous longboats. Therefore, we can say that the Vikings not only raid for food but for other valuables such as gold and expensive manuscripts.
After the several years of their rule, the Vikings era came to an end when Earl Godwin pressured the Witan to select a new King from the old Anglo-Saxon Dynasty called Edward. This decision put the Vikings rule to the end but had opened the door for the final early medieval invasion of England.
Norman Conquest
The Norman Conquest took place right after the Viking invasions. William who wanted to be the King of the region attacked no the Harold's army and became the King of England on 25th December, 1066.
Religious History
Although the arrival of the Gregorian mission clearly marked a very important stage in the religious history of the Anglo-Saxons and in the production of written records, it is not an ideal point at which to begin an investigation into the history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. For it is evident that the majority of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were already in existence by 597 and that the complex political pattern of interrelationships and amalgamations which Bede reveals in his Ecclesiastical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Anglo-Saxon Invasion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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