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The Short-Term Significance Of The Anglo-Saxon Invasions - Coursework Example

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The invasion of England was a result of fighting between the British and the Anglo Saxons until around AD 500 at the Battle of Mount Badon which started as a result of a mutiny by Anglo Saxon mercenaries within the Roman army between 450 and 500…
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The Short-Term Significance Of The Anglo-Saxon Invasions
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The Short-Term Significance Of The Anglo-Saxon Invasions

Download file to see previous pages... The invasion of England was a result of fighting between the British and the Anglo Saxons until around AD 500 at the Battle of Mount Badon which started as a result of a mutiny by Anglo Saxon mercenaries within the Roman army between 450 and 500. However, Gildas in his De Excidio Brittannie acclaims the resistance to Ambrosius Aurelianus who finally won the Battle of Mount Badon, which steamed the migration of the Anglo Saxons and their dominance of England as the Britons exhausted themselves with internal disputes, wars and general unrest. Discussion A most recent account based on a skeptical review of the archeological evidence by Hines notes that, while there was a general sequence of the transition from Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England, it cannot be dated to the exact dates as historians would desire. This is due to very little evidence in the form of Anglo Saxon artifacts that could be dated back to the 5th century. Anglo Saxon influence hence became more visible during the 2nd half of the 5th century resulting in the definition of the coming of the Anglo Saxons from the point which they achieved significant influence rather than their first arrival, c450 hence is just a date as any. The significances of the Anglo Saxon invasion in Britain can hence be analyzed in terms of the social, political, economic, cultural and economic impacts. As one of the short term social impacts of this invasion and final migration, the Anglo Saxons were assimilated into the Celtic culture and their social setting, especially in the central and southern parts of Britain. This contributed to the final creation of the Anglo Saxon England which basically led to the extensive use of the old English language. The language arose as a social need among the three different communities of the Anglo Saxons to communicate among each other (Gerrard, CA217. Celt was the language of the military and the higher in society who in any given society are usually few in number and the fall of the Romano British rule saw the fall in the number of Latin speakers, hence leaving the majority and the rest of the society to be speakers of old English whose growth in population increased the number of old-English speaker. The Anglo Saxon invasion of England is mainly known to have started by the invitation of Anglo Saxon mercenaries of 100 men on three ships by the Romans to help them in the war against the Picts and the Irish, and also others who came to their own accord. Their most known form of military advancement was on foot sores but during the aftermath of their invasion of Britain, and their expansion of their territory, they switched their military strategy to charging on horsebacks which can also be attributed to the expansion of their kingdom which meant large tracts of land to be covered, which logically could not be done on foot. In the early Anglo Saxon settlement in Britain, buildings were of simple construction, only using masonry in the foundation only but the rest was strictly using timber with thatch roofing. This form of architecture of the Anglo Saxon was because of not wanting to settle within the old roman cities. With the Roman settlement among the Anglo Saxons also saw a distinctive contrast in the form of construction of houses and in the overall architecture in totality (White, CA 211). The Roman settlement led to the building of monumental forms of architecture which can be attributed to Christianity since the churches of this age were to be built in a particular form of architecture. Christianity as a religion was formally introduced to the Anglo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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