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Growth of Golf in Foreign Market ( china or Eastern Europ) - Essay Example

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One of the most important aspects of the growth evaluation of golf in China is the perception of the experts and the people who are really involved in this industry regarding the game. As a result the in-depth interview with some of the stalwarts would effectively help the cause…
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Growth of Golf in Foreign Market ( china or Eastern Europ)
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Extract of sample "Growth of Golf in Foreign Market ( china or Eastern Europ)"

GROWTH OF GOLF IN CHINA One of the most important aspects of the growth evaluation of golf in China is the perception of the experts and the people who are really involved in this industry regarding the game. As a result the in-depth interview with some of the stalwarts would effectively help the cause. It is obvious that the popularity of Golf is rising in China but it should be noted that to establish a long term strategy for operation in a full length professional league one needs to be absolutely sure of the success ration as because a huge amount of wealth would poured into this industry and logically enough the stake holders would like to be absolutely sure about the profitable outcome.
Qualitative research is a process that includes interpretative paradigm under the measures of theoretical assumptions and the entire approach is based on sustainability that is depended on people's experience in terms of communication. The basic advantages of qualitative measures are multifold. Firstly, it presents a completely realistic approach that the statistical analysis and numerical data used in research based on quantitative research cannot provide. Another advantage of qualitative measures is that it is more flexible in nature in terms of collected information interpretation, subsequent analysis and data collection. It also presents a holistic point of view of the investigation. Furthermore this approach of research allows the subjects to be comfortable thus be more accurate as research is carried on in accordance to the subject's own terms. (Dos, 84-85)
Thus the most important objective of the interviews regarding this feasibility report concerning the professional golf league would be building an impact regarding the profitability of this league for the stakeholder. (Cunningham, 24-5) For this important names from the field of administration and the game should be included. This would feature qualitative interviews of personnel and personalities that are well known to the arena of golf and whose comments would certainly provide the difference between having and not having the league as these personalities would people who are regarded very highly in this context of evaluating the long term strategy for operation in a professional golf league in China.
This would certainly include the Club Managers, golf experts (Scholar), senior commentator (Journalist or Anchorman) and obviously golf players. Interviews of the Club managers would be very helpful as they are the personnel who directly understand the ground reality of the nature and feasibility of the game in Golf. (Dollard, 116-7) Golf scholars and experts are also important for the basic strategy development these are the people who would be able to provide the theoretical framework of entire project. Interviews of the senior commentators, Journalists and Anchormen are very important because not only these people are well respected and their words highly valued, these are the people who are able to influence the structure of the league with their experience and insights. (Drake, 153-55) Lastly, interview would also be taken of golf players because they are the key objective of the entire scenario and these are the people who would actually present the game and would be instrumental directly to make the game worth watching. (Border, 375)
However, it should also be noted that there are certain limitations regarding the methodology of the interview aspect. It could be mentioned that past history has shown that it is not always people revealing a context in a survey or interview holds much truth in the long run in general sense. (Bell, 271-3) This is one variable that is able to corrupt any well formulated strategically set formulations. But this again is a possibility and not the general rule. At any case it should be noted that all steps would be taken with utmost care so that such variables are not allowed to upset the basic feasibility test beyond a certain permissible limit. (Manning, 279) If all these parameters are well implemented there could be no reason why a long term strategy for operation in a full length professional golf league cannot be established.
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Manning, C S; Principals and Practices (Wellington: National Book Trust. 2004) pp 279 Read More
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