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Criminal Procedures in the News - Essay Example

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America became the center of the gravity of criminal world. Crimes in America are increasing every passing day. A survey conducted by independent organization indicates more number of guns is sold in America than in any other country in the whole world. Though the laws are very tough and employed without any bias, there seems no decline in the criminal activities.
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Criminal Procedures in the News
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Extract of sample "Criminal Procedures in the News"

CRIMINAL PROCEDURES IN THE NEWS America became the center of the gravity of criminal world. Crimes in America are increasing every passing day. A survey conducted by independent organization indicates more number of guns is sold in America than in any other country in the whole world. Though the laws are very tough and employed without any bias, there seems no decline in the criminal activities.
There are many laws to protect the liberty of each American citizen. Laws like Patriot Act are employed without any bias. The law applies to each and every American citizen and no ones an exception. After 9/11 the law enforcement agencies had left no stone thrown wasted in implying these laws.
Safety measures have been given the topmost priority. All the cities are under heavy security. Surveillance is the one of the safety measures employed to check criminal activities. Though sometimes these activities may breach privacy policies citizens of America should understand that it is for their own good. After 9/11 the American policies towards international community has changed considerably. As President Bush said you are with us or against us.
The main victims of criminal are the innocent citizens. Mostly children are attracted towards criminal activities. In the recent past we have seen the news of gun firing in schools and other educational institutions. These incidents indicates that how the society has been disturbed. There is no safety not even in their home state and in their own house. Though the police department and other security agencies are providing foolproof security no one knows who will strike terror and from where.
The students and other children involved in shootouts were sent to juvenile homes. They were treated as juveniles. Special psychological treatments were given o them. Juvenile homes make every effort to turn them into responsible citizens. The main reason for children committing crimes is the domestic violence. Another reason is hardcore video games and movies containing this sort of acts.
Death penalty is given to the person who has committed heinous crimes. The capital punishment is the highest punishment given to a person who committed such crime. But now the pendulum swings away from death penalty. In the recent past it has been observed there is considerable decrease in the capital punishment. Lawmakers and other independent organizations are fighting against death penalty and want the capital punishment to be abolished completely. One of the main reasons was the involvement of increase in crimes by children under 18 years of age. Since they don't have good understanding of what they had done, the lawmakers and some of the NGO's want the death penalty to be eliminated.
Every American citizen has the right to enjoy the liberty and freedom and should not involve in any criminal activities.
Anna Badkhen. (2005). Pendulum begins swing away from death penalty.
San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved 16 Mar. 2006, from file=/c/a/2005/04/10/MNGDHC62ET1.DTL -->Read More
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Criminal Procedures in the News Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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