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The Society Effects of the Iraq War - Essay Example

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In recent year the war on Iraq by America, in the name of war against terror, has been a big controversial issue and has triggered a lot of debate. The economic and social effect of the Iraq war on the US is immense, and is effect will be felt for years to come.
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The Society Effects of the Iraq War

Download file to see previous pages... There has lot of controversies on whether the deployment of troops must come to an end sooner rather than later.
The cost of the war so far has estimated to be somewhere between two and three trillion. Most of this money goes to deployment of the huge troops in Iraqi soil post war. While the crime rate in Homeland is on the rise, much of US citizen's tax has been spent in protecting Iraqi citizens.
Instead of investing this heavily in a war, the security systems and homeland protection could have been developed to counteract terrorism. Its true there had been no terror attacks on US in homeland post September 11, 2001. But the loss of US citizens as troops in Iraq and Afghan and loss of US diplomats and tourist on foreign soil has been on the rise. The cost relating to these attacks has also been on the rise.
The wages of war roadside bombings, military funerals, shattered mosques, wounded children have shaken people far from the violence. Post war, US had to spend millions in rebuilding Iraq. They had to bring the fallen economy of Iraq back to stable, using their dollars.
With the US economy falling into recession with the war, its motives in foreign affairs has also been questioned. US started the war stating that Iraq is engaged in accumulation of weapons of mass destruction. But to date no such arms and ammunitions of mass destruction has been discovered in Iraq. ...
Many families have lost their family members in Iraq war and some soldiers have been separated from their family for more than three years. This creates a lot of criticism of the motives of the government on US homeland.
The military hospitals are not equipped to handle the skyrocketing number of soldiers affected by war and returning with significant mental problems caused by living on edge of death for months at a time and compounded by multiple combat tours. The support the veterans of this war much more than we did in the Vietnam era, but the mental health treatment they are receiving is only marginally better.
Average Iraq citizen always lives in the fear of being attacked. Ever since the end of the war, the Iraqi's have suffered huge losses than it was during Saddam's reign. Though Saddam's period was one that of dictatorship, there has been not this much terror attack. Most of the Iraqi's are now questioning the purpose of US soldiers out there in Iraq and doubt the very intention of US. This has been deliberately utilized by terrorist to create hatred on America.
Wars remain subjects of debate not just because their "necessity" is in doubt but also because their results are mixed. Though US task of removing Saddam from power has been accomplished, it real purpose of war on terror has been on serious scrutinizing. The confusion in Middle East has triggered the rise of oil prize and has created a lot of diplomatic failures for US in Middle East. Post war, a lot of new insurgent groups not related Al Qaeda has been formed and they continue their attack on democracy.
The war on Iraq is certainly an issue worth debating and only time knows how the historians are going to perceive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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