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The lack of cultural awareness in the average American Soldier served as a detriment during the early phases of the Iraqi War - Essay Example

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Culture is defined as “a collaboration of shared meanings or common beliefs among an organization’s members” (Colbert). Thus, culture can be…
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The lack of cultural awareness in the average American Soldier served as a detriment during the early phases of the Iraqi War
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Extract of sample "The lack of cultural awareness in the average American Soldier served as a detriment during the early phases of the Iraqi War"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly, culture is not a static entity. Rather, it`s a dynamic and an ever changing concept. Since people are the driving force behind a culture, it keeps evolving and changing according to the change in circumstances. Secondly, culture is not inherited, i.e. it can`t be transferred via genes to the next generation. In fact, it is transmitted through socialization from one generation to another. Culture can also be multi-faceted, which implies that one person might be exposed to various cultures at the same time, which incarnates values and beliefs in an individual which are a blend of various other cultures. Fourthly, there are various means of transmitting a culture, including our family, friends, school, religion, media and any other modes of communication we experience. Thus, acquiring a culture is a continuous process which goes on through our entire lives. Lastly, culture is expressed though various means, which is reflected in the way our beliefs are carved, the way we dress up, talk, eat, our work habits etc (Colbert).
Thus, culture is a very important entity which leaves an impact on almost all aspects of the lives of an individual, who is a member of a community or a nation. Since shared cultures and meanings are an important part of an individual`s identity socialized via various modes, it is important to understand the culture of a region to understand the dynamics of that area. For this reason, the lack of cultural awareness in American soldiers acted as a detriment during the Iraqi war. To analyze the situation closely, it is important to study the geography and the history of the military conflict in detail, the weather analysis of the region, and the ASCOPE (areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people and events) of the region of interest. To understand the culture, however, it is important to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Lack of Cultural Awareness in the Average American Soldier Served Essay.
“The Lack of Cultural Awareness in the Average American Soldier Served Essay”, n.d.
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