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Extensible Markup Language - Essay Example

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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, and it helps in creating markup languages. It can be used as a general purpose program, yet it specifies exactly what its users' want. The term "extensible" in its title denotes the fact that the users can define their own needs in the form of elements…
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Extensible Markup Language
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Extract of sample "Extensible Markup Language"

XML What is XML XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, and it helps in creating markup languages. It can be used as a general purpose program, yet it specifies exactly what its users' want. The term "extensible" in its title denotes the fact that the users can define their own needs in the form of elements. When it comes to information systems, XML is playing a vital role there as one of its main functions is to make easy the sharing of data which is structured. And it can do this through the Internet as well. It can be used to do two things to the data that it gets: it can either encode it i.e. change it into computer readable form or it can serialize it. It is designed in such a way so that it is user-friendly and humans can easily read it and understand it. Even application languages can be implemented in XML if the boulders of language, that is the semantic constraints are added to it. 1
An XML document can pass for being one if it has two levels of correctness within it. Firstly, the document should be consistent and following all the syntax rules that XML has in its rules book. When an XML document fulfills all syntax rules, it is called a well formed document. Secondly, the document should also be formed with care in the sense that it fulfills all semantic rules that is the language used is comprehensible and suitable to XML as well as human legible. Such documents are called valid.
What is .NET Framework and XML as an important technology in it
The company Windows specializes in making operating systems, which are one of the most essential software management programs. When it comes to .NET, it is a software component, that is a small portion of a big software package, which is a part of many Microsoft Windows operating systems. It comes with a hefty library, consisting of pre-set and coded solutions/diagnosis of the programming problems/diseases that are commonly faced by programmers. It does not just provides solutions, rather it also has the responsibility to execute the programs written for its own framework. The library containing all the solutions is called the Base Class Library and the scope of programming problems that it caters to is really wide, ranging from user interface to telecommunications network etc.2
When it comes to XML as an important technology in .NET, it cannot be less agreed upon. The first example is that of the Base Class Library, which uses the XML document manipulation to help make its documents in a form which is human legible. The Base Class Library is the foundation of the whole .NET framework and XML is playing a central part in its functioning. The second example is that of Class Library, which are standardized and arranged in the manner of namespaces. Even this component of .NET has XML document manipulation. The third example is that of Windows Presentation Founder (WPF), which is a user interface and API system, totally based on XML. The fourth example is that of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) which even uses XML.
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1. Means, Scott. XML in a Nutshell. 2004
2. Blanken, Henk. Intelligent Search on XML Data: Applications, Languages, Models, 2003 Read More
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Extensible Markup Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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