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Data base - Essay Example

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Information about any subjects in a given curriculum can be viewed and displayed in this window for staffs and students as well. Information like subject codes, s, no. of units, covered semester and type of subject if major or minor type. …
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Data base
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Extract of sample "Data base"

Download file to see previous pages of units, covered semester and type of subject if major or minor type.
1. Click the NEW BUTTON then fill up the necessary information in the text box, after you finish the entry click the Save Button.
2. To open / edit the existing Module double click the row in the database listing then edit the information then click the update or delete.
Inventory Menu
This menu allows the user to add and view any inventory materials in a given room or facilities. This also help for easy monitoring of number of facilities and materials to be issued to staff members also.
1. Click the NEW BUTTON then fill up the necessary information in the text box, after you finish the entry click the Save Button.
2. To open / edit the existing Module double click the row in the database listing then edit the information then click the update button or delete button.
Registration Entry
In this window the user can view the students course with its corresponding subjects and units informations given to them in a semester during the enrolment. In this, will load the entire module schedule of the student during the registration.
1. Click the student button to select the student to register.
2. Click the add button then a new row will be added to the msflexgrid data
3. Double click the row to select the module available.
4. You can also navigate the available program on the lower part of this entry then you can click the load all button to load the entire module schedule in the student registration.
5. After you finish click the save button
Back Up
In case of database error arises there's a backup database to restore.
Choose the Folder where you will store you back up...
In this, will load the entire module schedule of the student during the registration.
Set rst ="SELECT stschedule.*,(Student.level) as rlevel,Student.height, Student.course, Student.depart, Student.level, Student.lname, Student.fname, Student.mname FROM stschedule INNER JOIN Student ON stschedule.idno = Student.idno Where stschedule.idno =" & search1 & " ")
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Data Base Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Roomno (PK)
Name (Room Name or Eating area description)
Roomtype (Conf. Or Eating)
OrgCode (PK)
RMdate (PK) (where RM is refreshment and Meal)
RMtime (PK)
Roomno/Mealroom (PK)
OrderId (PK)
Ordertype (refreshment / meal)
OrderId (PK)
Description (beverage name, lunch, dinner, evening)
Eliminate columns not dependent on the key. If attributes do not contribute to a description of the key, remove them to a separate table. All non-key fields must be exclusively dependent on the key field. Over here all tables in 2NF are already in 3NF as follows:
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Data base

... DMBS product and who manufactures it? IBM DB2 is one of DBMS product and is manufactured by IBM Corporation (Tech-Target). F. What is SQL? Why is it important? It is a standard language used for manipulating and accessing data. One of the importances is that it is used in many organizations to manage their data (SparkNET). G. What does the term, “Database driven Web site”, mean? You will need to use the term “back end database” in your explanation. Database driven website is a website that uses HTML forms to collect data and store them in MYSQL database backend or any other database (Salem). . Works Cited Monash-Research. Top DBMS on Linux | DBMS 2 : Database Management Services. 2005-2008. Web. 10 07 2014. Oracle. Introduction...
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Millions of computer users worldwide every year lose invaluable data and information at the hands of stolen means employed by anyone sitting on workstation thousands of miles away from the host node. Computer privacy is one such aspect on which the researchers in the same field are working their best. Certain ways are being devised all around the globe to ascertain the manner in which computer data can be kept secret from the people who are not authorized to seek it. Internet privacy of late has become a serious issue that should be tackled with immediate effect. There are many issues at stake with respect to computer privacy such as the authority to create standards regarding the usage of personal data on one’s machine as w...
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Managing Data of A+Retailing TLD

This is also true for the median values of the industries. The median values of turnover for Micro, Small, Medium and large industries are £420,839, £608,300, £1,275,295and £1,587,901respectively. This indicates that as the more number of employees work for the industries the median values of the turnover also increases.
However, the range values of turnover display an important pattern for the industries. The range values of turnover for Micro, Small, Medium and large industries are £849,571, £675,711, £432,838 and £1,462,188 respectively. This indicates that the ranges of turnover are very high for Micro industries as compared to Small and Medium industries. Again, the range o...
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Potassium or K and Calcium or Ca has shown greater Mean Residence Time in rainforest chaparral when compared to temperate forests whereas Phosphorus or P demonstrates maximum variance in Mean Residence Time.

In general, plant productivity and Mean Residence Time are such that one increases whilst the other decreases. In subarctic regions, there is low plant productivity and greater Mean Residence Time.

In tropical forests, the mean residence time of nutrients is influenced by higher temperatures than in subarctic forests. Therefore, there is a vast difference in the MRT of nutrients pertaining to the tropical rainforest and the subarctic forest.

Nuclear fission weapons tests in 1961 released radioa...
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Next Generation Data Center

... can utilize this pool of resources to economize their computing resources and data storage resources. The details of this analysis would help the IT firms to upgrade their existing datacenters to virtual private clouds so that they can exploit the resources of the public clouds through a pay per use service level agreement. This sort of analysis can be best presented by a typical case study methodology. The case study methodology enables an in depth examination of one or few chosen IT company(s) who have implemented the virtualization techniques. This research has chosen the IT firms like Cisco, EMC2 and VMware who have been the forerunners in the virtualization of datacenters. Based on the learnings of the case study, this research aims...
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... the coordinator to understand the skills and knowledge achieved by a particular student in the past. Conversation held with the staff of the previous school gives idea as to the weakness and strength of the particular child. The extra curricular activities of the child also play a vital role in understanding his/her performance. Today the data collection and integration has become easier with the emergence of computer software and web based products. These soft wares help in recording the outcomes of the tests and learning curriculum to enhance the reliability and quality of the data. There are also computer packages which give better access to the statistics and mathematical models to aid the data collection process. This information has...
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...Running Head: INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND DATA MANAGEMENT Information systems and data management and Section # of Information systems and data management 1. Informatics is a generally newer field; it is considered to be the art, science and human dimensions of information technology (School of Informatics, Indiana University). With the increasing importance of information retention, storage and timely delivery, informatics is becoming a hot topic and research projects are being carried out all over the world. With the information technology age booming and making irreversible changes on our lifestyles, informatics is making our way of living easier and comforting. There has been immense research going...
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Take the Data out of Dating in the Internet System

... and OkCupid use algorithms to pair coupe bases on answers given to predetermined questions. However, even the algorithm software find prognosticating love challenging because the data mining software requires much tuning to create a perfect march. This would involve observing the singles for long periods to obtain sufficient information, a task that is equally difficult. Therefore, the dating sites don’t offer perfect solutions to singlehood. They just connect people with similar interests based on algorithm results. OkCupid site is aggressive in tracking its users to stimulate a three way system that allows a user to send a note, receive a reply and make a follow up. The company quantifies things that people guess but don’t want to prove...
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