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Management (a manager alumni affair in a non-profit organization iEARN Australia) - Essay Example

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Mr. John as he likes to be called is a manager alumni affair in a non-profit organization iEARN Australia. He has the top most place in alumni affairs in the organization. Having a managerial post in a non profit organization is not an easy task as usually such organizations do not have tall hierarchy and have less employees to work with…
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Management (a manager alumni affair in a non-profit organization iEARN Australia)
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Extract of sample "Management (a manager alumni affair in a non-profit organization iEARN Australia)"

Download file to see previous pages John has to coordinate with people in order to make an event success. As a leader of the program he has to take initiatives and then lead the program as people look towards him for any further instructions. As a representative for alumni members in an organization he can't practice autocratic, paternalistic style where as laissez fair or democratic styles are widely adopted by the alumni coordinators and managers. Mr. John beliefs that he is more tilted towards democratic approach.
Unlike other managers and directors in profit making organizations, Mr. John doesn't face any competitions as there are non, but the difficult part is to keep the alumni members motivated and intact with out having them on pay role or any such thing and at the same time involving them in alumni programs. There are many responsibilities of a manager of alumni affairs as he also has to motivate alumni members through programs that are beneficial for alumni as well, such programs include, career counseling, social gatherings or trips etc.
As a manager alumni fair he posses excellent interpersonal skills as he has to coordinate with alumni members and the other organizations and is also responsible for sharing information with alumni members. ...
As a manager one should posses all four basic managerial skills, technical, conceptual, motivation to engage and human skills. But for Mr. John it is essential to have very good human skills and then motivation to engage and then conceptual skills. Technical skills are not required by his post. As the work is mostly dealing with members and organizations, he has to show excellent human skills. Mr. John beliefs that if he fails to pose these skills, then this might lead to miss management in the alumni and also will raise conflicts between members as all members are not alike.
As the work in the organization is project based but the product base and is a non profit organization, external environment plays little destructive role, but still projects are some time effected by the disorder in stability of external environment, such stability factors can me many but the most important is the political and economical. There are also many complexities in the environment as well and as a Alumni manager Mr. Jon's job is to work with in these complexities of the environment.
A part from the external environment Mr.John has to monitor the general environment as the economic conditions such as recessions might lower the alumni budget and thus less programs. Political conditions are some time not feasible for initiating any project thus he has to consider that as well, other wise that might cause legal problems as well. In an alumni program technological environment does not have much impact, but socio cultural environment does have a big impact. If alumni fail to confirm with the norms of culture then organization might come under criticisms and thus will cause damage to the image of the organization. So as alumni manager he has to monitor all sort ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Management (a Manager Alumni Affair in a Non-Profit Organization IEARN Essay)
Management (a Manager Alumni Affair in a Non-Profit Organization IEARN Essay.
“Management (a Manager Alumni Affair in a Non-Profit Organization IEARN Essay”, n.d.
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