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Nike - Essay Example

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1. Nike business model always used to follow two functional strategies: the product should meet state of the art technological standards and then to publicize use aggressive marketing that may include direct marketing, online marketing, indirect marketing, etc.
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Download file to see previous pages This including signing superstars like Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, etc., as brand ambassadors.
2. Nike strategies brought a new change in the market; it became an eye opener to its competitors and started a phenomenon of marketing strategies to stay alive in the market. Many companies think of 'creative' communications as being memorable for their entertainment, humor or impact, however, effective creativity must be built on a foundation that:
Direct marketing prospects have time to think and choose whether or not to act. They look for reasons to reject an offer. Direct marketing makes a call to action, which aims to move the prospect beyond thinking 'that's a clever ad'. The marketer needs to determine the time of year, which is most likely to provide the best results for a campaign, and plan accordingly. Production and execution of the campaign need to be coordinated within a realistic and appropriate time frame.
With busy work, family and social commitments, customers have less time to shop around for the right product, giving great appeal to the convenient buying methods offered by direct marketing or mail order. Marketers also offer personal attention and a concern for the satisfaction of individual needs, which is not always found in large retail stores.
3. There is no point running a test or strategy for something, which makes little difference, like the alteration of one word in a headline. Successful direct marketing results from careful and regular testing. The market is fluid, keep abreast of changes and alter with it. Never outlay huge sums of money on a campaign based on the results of one test alone. The actual campaign is rarely as high in response as the test.
'Depth Research' is a term used by Roman (Integrated Direct Marketing) to describe a 'depth' rather than 'breadth' approach to research. This method advocates interviewing a small, careful selection of people, using a 'well-planned, relevant questionnaire'.
The Internet has made depth research easier. A well-designed on-line questionnaire with a range of geo-demographic and more open questions can enable your customers to help you understand them in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Keep in mind, though, that people often feel freer to bend the truth in online surveys and questionnaires. Making as much of the form as possible optional rather than mandatory will ensure that the only responses you get will be from people who are genuinely interested in providing you with information.
Charles W. L. Hill. & Gareth R. Jones. Strategic Management. "Business
Level Strategy and the Industry Environment (ch. 6)". Boston:
Houghton Mifflin. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... statement is: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. According to Bill Bowerman, everybody who has a body is an athlete. The company therefore aims at bringing inspiration and innovation to the entire humanity. The company has five goals for its business processes. These are, to provide an environment which develops individuals to maximize their contribution to Nike, to provide innovative and quality products and services both internally and externally, to identify consumer segment opportunities that are focused, to establish and nurture good emotional ties with groups of consumer and to maximize profits ( 1). History and products Nike was founded in January 1964 by Philip Knight, a track...
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..., the figures have been taken from the 2008 and 2009 financial statements. Ratio Analysis Current Ratio 2009 2008 3.0 2.7 The current Ratio evaluates the liquidity of the company. It represents a safety net for the creditors. Nike has improved its liquidity over the last year. It now holds $3 for every $1 of its short term debts as compared to $2.7 of last year. In comparison to the relevant industry, it is one of the most liquid companies’ (Bloomberg, 2010). The analysis further shows that Nike holds an excess of the working capital in current assets which should be invested in the marketable securities for generation of further income. Quick ratio 2009 2008 Current Assets less inventory and prepaid 9912.1 8293.9 Current Liabilities...
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... augmented its technological expertise as well as marketing know-how to develop into the world’s biggest footwear and apparel business, but has also outperformed potential players like Adidas and Reebok (Keller, 2008, p.125). Being a colossal corporation it towers above every competitor in its sector with such a stupendous effect that regardless of the sport, it is likely that Nike along with its ‘swoosh’ logo will be there (Frisch, 2008, p.5). Taking into consideration Nike’s astounding track record, this report will aim at shedding light on various branding issues associated with it. Question-1 Nike’s headquarters, located in Portland, provides a snippet view of the company’s strong brand image. The World Campus of the sports and apparel...
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... found that Nike is facing significant direct and indirect competition however, because of the capabilities of the company; it has been able to improve its business operations. The financial analysis shows a strong financial position of the company. In the last section the business level strategy of the company has been discussed and challenges have been highlighted. Finally, recommendations have been given to improve business strategy. External Analysis STEEP analysis 1. Social Increasing Women’s sports-orientation as evident from growing trend of women’s participation rates in new and established sports, gym memberships etc 2. Technological Changing technological trends even in the women’s footwear industry such as designs of women’s...
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... faced accusations from different sections of society and the world, and what led to it. Since the mid 90s, Nike has been accused of being a violator of women’s’ rights, child labour, exploitation of labour in terms of wages, as well as forced labour. Many of these cases have been uncovered and let out of the bag, thus making the company lose a great deal of its goodwill. This brand has been known to violate a number of Articles present in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well. These are a certain set of rights that are universally applicable to all human beings, not taking into account anything about their race, colour, gender or age. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it has been set out and stated...
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...’ and ‘women involved in fitness exercises’ (say yoga) as two potential market segments. In addition to the aforesaid consumer segments, we can target the various athletic training centers and sports clubs for the new Nike shoe as business customers. We will convince the management of such centers and clubs about the superiority and functionality of the new Nike shoe so that we can sell in bulk to these centers. These institutions will serve as a lucrative B2B market for the new brand. Mass marketing refers to offering the product to the entire market without taking into consideration the differing needs of the customers. Multi-segment strategy refers to offering the same product in more than one...
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...Indonesian workers 1 million US dollars after it emerged that the workers had worked an overtime of 600,000hrs for two years without pay (The Guardian, 2012). In the year, 1987, Nike was sued by capitol record for using a beatles song in their advertisement, the paid capitol records $250,000 who had the rights for the song at that time. In late June 2005, a case against Nike by Minor threat of them using their cover photo in their album also led to out of the court settlement where Nike apologized to the band and settled them (Brian, 2002).. Nike like most of the multinational companies has huge stash of profits offshore that it hasn’t paid U.S taxes on. It’s also known...
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.... Increasing the wages and providing remunerations to the workers are few of the elements incorporated in the form of revamping of overall Nike manufacturing streamline. Fair Labor Association development as an entity towards the rights protection of the employees are few of the steps taken with regard to mitigating the complexities and complaints received previously. Based on the developments and increase in the infrastructure, Nike has brought about actions and steps that include training, guidelines, motivational works and seminars and training sessions for the purpose of improved working performances and better outcomes (NISEN). Inducting modern methods of assessment, allowing the competent workers to...
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... on the social media such as Facebook have enabled Nike to popularise the FuelBand among the target consumers. The social media has enabled Nike to communicate constantly with the customers. The Nike + FuelBand Community on the Facebook send messages of motivation to the users to acquire the FuelBand (Guarda). In effect, the digital and social marketing has facilitated the collection of information regarding consumer’s preferences, as well as choices. Nike has maintained consistency in its quest to communicate constantly with the customers in the social media, and position the FuelBand in the market. The company engages with the consumers and receives important feedback about the product. In effect, Nike has created a strong relationship...
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...of the factory was due to lack of regulations by the governments while Nike is constructing its factories. Prior to the collapsing, Nike workers noticed cracks in the building but they were informed to report to work the following day. This was an indication of negligence on the part of the management. The management team in Bangladesh and at the parent company in US experienced bitter regret due to the death and injuries that occurred within Nike premises. Nike, a company that was established in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and later rebranded as Nike Inc in 1971, undertook various strategies to deal with negative public image that arose out of the...
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Key Trends in the Sportswear Industry in Nike, Inc

Wholly owned subsidiaries include Bauer Nike Hockey, Inc. Cole Haan, Hurley International, Converse, Exter Brands Group. With each subsidiary offering a unique brand proposition and products to its target market, Nike, Inc. has grown into a diversified apparel and footwear company (online

Financially, Nike, Inc. had a banner year in 2006. With revenues and profit amounting to $ 15.29 billion and $ 2.39 billion in the last 12 months, Nike had been able to improve operating margin to 13.25% slightly better than industry’s 12.28%. Gross margin also improving to 45.3% from 44.5% in 2005. Quarterly revenues are also growing at a rate of 8.60% with a free cash flow of more than $ 890 million. Return on equ...
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Nike Organisation Analysis

... of incorporating diversity, may affect the structure and culture of Nike. The paper will also analyze the relationship between Nike’s structure and the effects on business performance, comparing with other organizations. The paper will also discuss the inter-relationships between the different processes and finally the factors which influence individual behaviour at work in Nike 1.1. Aims and objectives of Nike Workers only form the crucial ‘cog’ in the running of the organization. Only if these crucial workers are recruited or staffed optimally through an effective recruitment process, the organization can achieve optimum success. But, for the organizations particularly multinational companies, recruiting the apt workers is not the end...
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Nike-Child Labor Issue

...been the major head behind the use of child –labor for the manufacture of soccer balls and shoes in Pakistan, India and other developing countries. Though each economy has laws against child labor and under-age slavery, the government has taken very little action to eradicate it. Thus Nike produces by slaughtering children under their shoes. Each of the low developing countries faces a low per-capita income. The high inflation rates accompanied by low rate of income have made situations difficult for the people to live even at the subsistence level. Even if Nike has come up with a proposal for their own benefits, but it’s the sole responsibility of the respective governments to take immediate steps...
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Nike Advertising Aimed at Glamour Readers

...endorsement of the products. The favoured media are TV, billvoards, magazines and internet. Introduction: Nike when first founded was known as Blue Ribbon Sports founded by the athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bower man from University of Oregon in 1964. However its popular slogan “just do it” came into existence at an ad agency where Dan Weiden was quoted to have said, “You Nike guys just do it.” He was basically admiring the can do attitude of the employees and landed up giving the brand a unique distinguished tag line.The revenue announced in 2009 fiscal year was estimated to be 19.2 billion dollars ( Due to recession the net income declined by 21%, the decrease was expected...
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Present Status and Future Development of Marketing at Nike

... to evolve through diversification. For example, when Nike’s sales started to stagnate in 1988, it realised that solely focusing marketing efforts on specific market segments “could only grow sales and profits so far” (Hill & Jones, 2009). As a result, Nike diversified market development into other areas such as aerobics, golf and basketball and implemented the 4Ps marketing mix; namely product, price, place and promotion (Pride & Ferrell, 2008). Furthermore, Nike’s marketing strategy also involved entering new markets through purchasing established footwear companies such as Converse and Cole Haan (Hill & Jones, 2009, p.200). In addition to diversifying, Nike’s marketing strategy has been dramatically redefined in the 21st century...
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Target Markets and Positioning Strategies: Nike vs Adidas

... The target market for Adidas is the professional athletes like the NBA players. It is more concerned in selling upper-end performance shoes. Their main focus is on sports rather than lifestyle (Kiley 1). The Adidas Company has merged with Reebok in order to expand its positioning within the market. With Reebok concentrating more on the lifestyle products and Adidas concentrating on sports product, the two shoe and apparel companies would expand their penetration in the target market (Kiley 2). Nike’s Product Strategies and Tactics In order to develop more shoe products, Nike has a new strategy of off-shore contract production. This means that it has overseas contract factories. Another strategy used is the multi-product branding...
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Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility Challenges for Companies in Apparel Industry in Its Supply Chains around the World: The Case of Nike Corporations

...ied to whether the businesses are being conducted in a manner acceptable to those affected by it [Gar03]. Corporate leaders now have recognized that to protect their brands and to respond to the increasing demand of social and environmental concerns, they have to adopt programs oriented towards social responsibility and sustainability across the value chain and across the globe. But these programs are encountered with challenges and high stakes from multiple fronts. As the Lifeworth Review of 2005 quotes, In 2005 Nike audited hundreds of factories in 2003 and 2004 and found cases of abusive treatment in more than a quarter of its South Asian plants. For instance, between 25% and 50% of the factories in the region restrict access to...
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The Effectiveness of Nike Brand Marketing

...of the Fitness Boom; Diversification; Sporting Events Sponsorship; Star Athletes’ Endorsements; the Flagship Store; and, its International Growth Strategy. The degree of control on these brands promotion strategies as well as the way they synchronize and complement has assured Nike’s dominance in its industry today. I. INTRODUCTION The Nike brand name and its swoosh logo is perhaps one of the most recognizable throughout the world along with those of Coca-Cola, Disney and Microsoft. Its products are greatly performing and currently, the brand is the market leader of its industry. The most recent market report places Nike comfortably ahead of Adidas, its closest competitor, with a...
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Supply Chain Management of Nike Jordan Brand

...quality and the right quantity. It also does not include shipment of the end products to locations where all the produced Jordan Brand products will be made available to customers. Before manufacturing can process raw materials, many services that form part of the Supply Chain Management will have to be performed for the purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction. The theoretical end goal is customer satisfaction and efficiency of the company for best performance in terms of profitability, according to Slack, N.; Chambers, S.; and Johnston,R. (2004). But as of the present, Nike Inc. includes sustainability, green environment advocacy, least wastage and healthy working conditions or the empowerment of workers as part of the company’s...
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Finance and Accounting: Nike Inc

...…………………………………………4 Importance of budgeting and accounting information…………………………………………….5 Financial leverage and bonds issue………………………………………………………………..9 Financial statements……………………………………………………………………………...10 Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………………….12 Recommendation………………………………………………………………………………...13 Reference List……………………………………………………………………………………14 Appendix Items…………………………………………………………………………………..15 Finance and Accounting: Nike Inc. Introduction Financial information is an important component for any organization in the contemporary business environment. Accounting and budgeting information are important aspects of finance and accounting that rely on accuracy, reliability and ease of access for the strategic advantage of any...
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