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A Study on the Apostolic Creed - Essay Example

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Human beings, though very intelligent and gifted with understanding are extremely limited in their capacity to comprehend the divine. The ability to understand the infinite is only possible if it is made in context of what we know. …
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A Study on the Apostolic Creed
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Extract of sample "A Study on the Apostolic Creed"

Download file to see previous pages But what is difficult for us to understand is this Powerful Being; whose powers we can barely even begin to comprehend actually personally cares about us. Even David asks Him, “what is man that You care about him so much”. We know that God cares about us and protects us. Our Parents take care of us and protect us. Our Mother nurtures us. Our Father protects us and guides us. For me that is the most natural way to look at God, as a Father. And the reason for that is not to assign him male attributes, because he is beyond that but because I see in Him somebody who cares and protects me, but also gives order and meaning to my life. And this in no way means that I consider a Mother’s role secondary in a family , because it is not but because the Father is the Head of the household and you can trust Him to take care of it.
Many religions and many individuals have a very private approach to religion. In these
readings you will find that there is an underlying communal approach found in the
Catholic Church. From what you have read, why do you think Catholics emphasize
communal religion and/or which reason do you find most satisfying for this approach
even if it is not your personal style.
The Catholic Church stresses the communal dimension of all the sacraments, seeing them as "community events," not private rituals.2 The reason for that I think is that for many years and even perhaps centuries , the church seemed a distant organization which the Church Parish had to observe as spectators. That is actually quite ironic considering that crucification of Jesus Christ the Curtain separating the Tabernacle from the people was torn in half since now there was nothing separating man and God. The communal nature of the Catholic Church involves everybody in the Church Parish and in many ways takes the Church to them and so it is something personal to them.
Experience and response is the focal point of these readings. What was the most unique
experience Christians had of Christ (according to The Creed) and what are some of the
ways they responded
The unique experience which Christians had of Christ was that By his Revelation, the invisible God, from the fullness of his love, addressed men as his friends, and moved among them, in order to invite and receive them into His company. When the Lord of the Universe comes down among us and extends an Invitation to us, the only thing we can do is accept it. And that is what the Christians did by faith and belief.3 The Faith was to God , but the belief was twofold , it was to the Truth and to the Person who was witness to the truth.
Teilhard de Chardin has a very mystical view of creation and our participation in it. What are two or three of the most interesting things he has to say about this relationship and what do you think they mean.
Teilhard de Chardin thinks that creation was not one act at one moment but is a continuous event. And indeed that is way it makes most sense theologically. We know on a personal level that God deeply cares about us and knows the smallest thing which effects us. But at the same time we want to say the He created this Universe long ago in one instant and then left it alone. Creation is not an event but is something which is continuous and indeed continues even now. Our limited understanding perhaps required this to be a linear event. But God is beyond time and space. And that is why this apparent argument between Religion and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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