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Technological Changes - Essay Example

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The current global business environment is being strongly shaped by the rapid advancement of technology. It should be noted that the past decade has ushered technological developments beyond the imagination of individuals and has hugely influenced of business organizations…
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Technological Changes
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Extract of sample "Technological Changes"

Running Head: TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES Technological Changes In APA Style By The current global business environment is being strongly shaped by the rapid advancement of technology. It should be noted that the past decade has ushered technological developments beyond the imagination of individuals and has hugely influenced of business organizations. These technologies allowed companies to modify their business models allowing them to operate more efficiently and profitably.
The internet technology is irrefutably one of the major advancements which shaped and continue to shape operations of business organizations (Kotler 2005). In the next ten years, the impact of the internet technology is expected to influence companies especially in developing and emerging economies where its benefits still remains unharnessed. The internet technology is projected to facilitate more and more transactions online among business parties and even individual consumers (Kotler and Armstrong 2002). The snail mail will be eliminated and be replaced by electronic mails as more efficient means of communication. More purchases transaction between retailers and buyers will also be observed.
Because of these improvements in the market which is facilitated by the increasing internet literacy, D Package Express will be handling less mails or smaller packages containing mails to customers and business. However, with more global purchases facilitated by the internet technology, mail packaging and supplies will be used in order to ship packages globally. As customers constantly seek products through online transaction, they connect with more suppliers which can provide them with more valuable products. As emerging countries will also shop online, D Package Express will also be given the chance to expand its horizons with the possibility of opening up new outlets in these locations in the future. The developing markets of China, India, and South America are expected to drive growth in the future with customers armed with purchasing power than in other slowing economies like United States (Morisson 2008).
In terms of processes, it is expected that more environmentally efficient machines will be used in manufacturing. D Package Express might also be witnessing technological advancements which will eliminate plastic tapes as one of key packaging supplies. Because of the environmental concerns in the market, it is expected that technological advancement will usher more paper based packaging supplies (De Witt and Meyer 1998). This will enable D Package Express to strengthen its image as an environmentally responsible business organization.
Lastly, more automated process facilitated by state of the art equipments are also projected in the medium term. In order to ensure the quality of the products, machines will be used to constantly check the work in progress inventory. These automation processes will require the investment in training and development of human resource which will man these equipments. D Package Express should continuously devote resources in making its workforce adept in coping with technological advancements in its various operations.
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Technological Changes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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