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Technological Changes in Primary Education - Literature review Example

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Primary Education in the current era is undergoing a large amount of changes owing to the avid incorporation of information technology. The paper endeavours to understand the different types of technological paradigms incorporated in primary education systems and benefits derived thereof. …
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"Technological Changes in Primary Education"

Download file to see previous pages cationists and the tutors to posses certain essential features that in turn would enhance and bring out the innate skills and attributes of the small children. The first concept is related to the aspect of designing teaching curriculums based on the child’s or the pupil’s ability to learn. However it is also reflected that over dependence on the parameter of ability tends to stereotype the pupils and thus limits one’s potency to learn which at a later stage leads to a loss of the child’s interest to the learning provided. The second concept relates that the teachers operating in a primary education system must be largely accountable for their actions while tending to impart education to the children. They must understand the considerable amount of investments being rendered by the public authorities for establishing primary educational institutions and centres of learning. The third concept related by the author focuses on enhancing the ability of the child to learn and excel in the process of motivating them and creating interests to the relevant subjects. A child may excel in certain related fields and may fall short in some where the tutor is required to aptly evaluate and understand the reasons for such shortfalls to which the child ceases to avoid learning such. Relating to the third concept, Hayes (2006) further observes that children that continually tend to suffer from a fear pertaining to certain subjects reflect a feeling of anxiety for which they start avoiding learning the same. Herein the teacher needs to act as a potential leader empathising with the pupil’s situation and thereby helping the child to effectively cope with the subject (Hayes, 2006, p 2-10). Primary Education Process Ohle (2010) observes that the process of primary education is...
This essay stresses that in the previous days the education system failed to render noteworthy differences in the education framework that could discern the primary from the secondary tutorial stage. However with the emergence of the twentieth century the Primary Education system gained a formidable stand where children undergoing such education were started being identified as ‘Pupils’ as against ‘Students’ to those in the Secondary education framework. Moreover the Primary Education framework gained further enhancements and a systematic outlook with the designing of effective curriculums by the educational authorities and organisations. The current age framework decided for the pupils belonging to the elementary education system is taken to range from 5 to 11 years where effective lessons and time tables are planned in the process of teaching them. A child may excel in certain related fields and may fall short in some where the tutor is required to aptly evaluate and understand the reasons for such shortfalls to which the child ceases to avoid learning such.
This paper makes a conclusion that Primary Education has evolved a lot owing to the use of information technology pursuits with other technological domains and infrastructures like radio, television and video conferencing facilities. These incorporations has led the benefits of primary education system to be availed by a large number of individuals residing across remote corners of both developed and emerging economies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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