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Classical Greek Antiquity and Greek-Cypriot Identity - Essay Example

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Classical Greek antiquity remains to be a beautiful memory, a painting of an awesome panorama of a once glorious past when gleaned through its rubbles and debris in the contemporary Greek-Cypriot identity. In reality, disdainful was the turbulence that ravage the once prosperous country, the island called Greece, but, that was how this particular society evolved…
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Classical Greek Antiquity and Greek-Cypriot Identity
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Extract of sample "Classical Greek Antiquity and Greek-Cypriot Identity"

Download file to see previous pages Western societies are all indebted to ancient Greece. The Greeks were the primary nation to develop the concepts of opinionated independence and egalitarian government. It all started in Athens Greece. Because the Greeks esteemed superiority in style, they support the advancement of an assortment of aptitudes. For the Greeks, to direct a complete existence, a person should be able to talk about philosophy, be acquainted with mathematics, be glad about arts, take part in community dealings, and hang about high-quality physical shape.
Simultaneously, The Greeks look forward to individuals exerting every effort in keeping with lofty principles of distinction. The Greeks had affirmations that human beings are apt to get done grand achievements in this physical universe.
They set importance to restraint and temperance. The Greeks concept of superiority requires brainpower, effort, and strength of will. Greek poets and playwrights portray and expressed their great adherence to exceptional standards of bravery and honour.
Poetry is an important part of Greek religious festive occasions. Dances and songs were presented as poems were chanted in chorus which eventually turned into plays. Subsequently, dramas were featured and staged by actors and actresses on open theatres of as large as twenty thousand crowds of unclassified personalities from sunrise to sunset.
History inscription is another significant style of Greek literature. The Greeks were the first people to carefully study and write about past events, facts, while understanding human actions and intentions. They emphasized accurate reporting of events in their writings.
The Greeks hands were outstanding in arts and architecture. Up to these days their works of art and architecture are used as models and patterns for designing projects of commercial and aesthetic values.
The love of wisdom comes from the Greeks who initiated philosophy by studying nature. Mere explanations did not satisfy their curiosity. They believed that natural laws exist for nature to follow. Consequently, Greek philosophers and scientific scholars investigated diverse fields which resulted to their great influence on modern day scientific way of understanding nature.
In the present day, a travel from Piraeus to Athens to see the great island of Greece, one would enjoy the comfort of a speedy, air-conditioned, smooth ride along stretches of jam-packed, low-rise, colourful houses that seems to stifle and choke the ecosystem. The grandeur that was Greece was gone to daybreaks of women hanging hundreds of laundries and linens in every space available regardless social ethics (Hirschon, and Herzfeld 1998). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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