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Physical Attractiveness and Long-term Relationships - Essay Example

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The importance of physical attractiveness in the current popular culture can never be overestimated. An individual's fate is largely determined by his physique. Only skinny women with expressive eyes, perfect lips, flawless complexion, and hourglass figure can pursue a successful career in modeling…
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Physical Attractiveness and Long-term Relationships
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Extract of sample "Physical Attractiveness and Long-term Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages Women often favor the "macho man" than his less attractive competitor.
Accordingly, "Human attraction to aesthetics, good looks advertise good health" (Lecture, 7/18/2007). True enough, physical beauty alone can blind individuals and lure them to dive into an intimate association. In the real world situations, it is notable that the satisfaction of the physical ideals becomes an important basis in people's search for casual, non-committed, short term relationships. However, physical attractiveness alone is insufficient in sustaining that bond let alone ensure the longevity of that relationship. It becomes apparent that both sexes relax their ideals of physical attractiveness when considering a long term partnership.
An intimate relationship which is fully founded on the physical attractiveness of each partner is most likely to fail. Beauty is a shallow basis in pursuing a long-lasting relationship. The success or even the mere survival of a relationship depends on more intrinsic factors like the partner's acceptance of each other, sensitivity, commitment to the relationship, and most especially their level of understanding and love to each other. Real life examples provide us more than enough illustration to support this argument. As partners goes through their relationship, they become overwhelmed with concerns which are bigger than what meets the eye. Thus, as they began to face the storms and struggles, they begin to care less about the physical appearance of their partner. In fact, just spending time with the person 24 hours a day each day of the week makes the importance of physical beauty fade into the background. At this stage, the partners become more concerned on their individual differences, emotional struggles, and other problems. The ability of the partners to surpass these critical periods is determined by their love for each other alone and not on their level of physical attractiveness. Love alone, which enables a person to accept his partner for all that she is and instills him with the commitment to make the relationship work, can sustain a long term partnership. Relationships which are founded on immediate physical attraction are more likely to fail when individual differences become apparent. In fact, these partnerships are often disastrous and can be attributed to the high divorce rate and long-term singledom (Feinmann, s. 4).
Physical attractiveness can be more detrimental than beneficial in a relationship. Studies stress that beauty often boosts the self-confidence of women, gives them security in the relationship and becomes their ticket in doing dirty tactics: "Data from young U.S. females show that compared to less-attractive females, attractive females report higher frequencies of using attractiveness enhancement tactics (e.g., wearing makeup), flirting with other males to make a date jealous, and acting possessively" (Elia/Chen p.33). All of the aforementioned strategies of more attractive female becomes damaging to the relationship because they can become causes of disagreement between partners. Flirting with other men and becoming overly possessive are two things which are extremely loathed and are unacceptable to guys. In this way, physical attracti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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