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Assignment for Multimedia and Internet Development - Essay Example

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I have been thinking what kind of website that I will make. Though I am not that creative in expressing myself, I decided to create a website that will showcase my favorite band, U2. For the past years, I have been a great fan of this band because the band gives me inspiration to sing though I may not have that much talent…
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Assignment for Multimedia and Internet Development
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Extract of sample "Assignment for Multimedia and Internet Development"

Download file to see previous pages It is my concept to produce a simple yet interesting website that does not need fancy colors to decorate on. My motto is "matter over manner". It is better to have meaningful yet simple website than to have a very decorative but lousy website. The software that I used was Macromedia Dreamweaver. To be able to have an interactive design, I made Macromedia Flash Buttons that act as my navigation buttons. The navigation buttons that I have made are placed on the left side. This left pane is placed permanently that whenever you click the navigation bars, it will never move. I also included a time and date pane with an updated time that shows seconds. For more interactive design, I included QuickTime applications that will play the music videos that I got from the internet. I coded it properly with right positions in the website so that it will not be disturbing to look at if people will view my website. I also put a banner that shows the logo and the wonderful picture of my favorite band, U2. For the photographs, the software that I used was PhotoShow.
On the over-all design, I put graphic interchange format or GIF pictures so that there will be lots of animation. At the end of the page, I made a "Contact Us" pane so that if ever m website will be posted, people will be able to reach me through direct link. Also it will be a big help that I put it because I may be able to receive feedback. It is very important in communication the element of feedback because through feedback, there will be a continues flow of communication. In simple terms, there will be interaction. I think when crating a website, we should give such panes because there will be interactive communication among us and the viewers. Also in that reason, the viewers may enjoy viewing our websites.
U2 Homepage
I. Index or Home Page
A. Website Banner (U2 Logo and Picture)
B. Left Unmovable Pane
1. Navigation Bars (Macromedia Flash Buttons)
a. Home
b. Gallery
c. Album
d. Songs
e. Videos
f. Contact Us
C. Content
1. U2 Biography (Heading 1)
a. Content
b. Photograph of U2 with photo swapping
c. Content
d. Photograph of U2
e. Names of the band Members (Heading 2)
II. Gallery
A. PhotoShow application
III. Album
A. Photo Album (Heading 1)
B. Photographs with scroll functions
IV. Songs
A. U2 Song (Heading 1)
B. Animated GIF's
C. Song Clips
1. With or Without You (mp3)
2. I still haven't Found What I am Looking For (mp3)
3. Where the Street have No Name (mp3)
V. Videos
A. U2 Video Clips (Heading 1)
B. Animated GIF
C. QuickTime Supported Logo
D. Video Clips
a. One
b. Desire
c. Vertigo
d. With or Without You
VI. Contact Us
A. Thank you for visiting our site (Heading 2)
B. Contact Us (Heading 1)
C. Animated GIF
D. Fill-in Space
E. Buttons
1. Submit
2. Clear
Website Review
The main emphasis of the website is my fondness of the band U2. I decided to choose the software Macromedia Dreamweaver so that I can incorporate Macromedia Flash Applications. My goal here is to make an evaluative and persuasive website that will entail my viewer's interest in knowing me. By using Macromedia application, the task was not that hard to perform but of course, there are certain incapacities that I may not be able to do. There is also alternative software applications is doing this website but I guess, the most valuable would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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