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Evaluation of a Foodservice System - Case Study Example

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The restaurant that I selected is Casa Brusco, a restarurant located in Westchester county, New York. I chose this restaurant because I was intrigued by the fact that it had just recently opened despite the shattering decline of our economy. This restaurant is a boutique restaurant specializing in serving Tuscan Italian fare…
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Evaluation of a Foodservice System
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of a Foodservice System"

The restaurant that I selected is Casa Brusco, a restarurant located in Westchester county, New York. I chose this restaurant because Iwas intrigued by the fact that it had just recently opened despite the shattering decline of our economy. This restaurant is a boutique restaurant specializing in serving Tuscan Italian fare. I am hoping that what I grasp out of my observations is insight into what restaurant owners define as "success" and if they actually understand that having the money to open a restaurant does not necessarily mean that you have the acumen to run it successfully.
Casa Brusco opened only a few months ago. The pricing of the menu is medium to high. Portions are plentiful and the General Manager feels that the menu should change with the seasons. Likewise for the dcor although to a lesser extent. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with dim lights which enhance the brick pizza oven. The bathrooms are well appointed. I interviewed Diana Bonsignore, the general manager who explained that because the restaurant just opened, there is a tight budget and therefore much of the work falls upon her shoulders. She is clearly exhausted and spends eighteen hours per day in the restaurant. Her salary is $100,000 per year. She is in charge of hiring however feels that the owners are employing their friends as wait staff and these employees are inexperienced. Indeed, during our interview, she continuously had to break our dialogue to answer calls.
The restaurant's vendors include soft drink companies and a specific company which deals with alcoholic beverages. Although the price for these items is industry standard, the owners never pay the bills and she finds herself consistently cut off from ordering supplies due to nonpayment. Her chef has no formal training and is obstinate when a customer complains about an order. The information that I received from the interview was disturbing and Diana readily admits that she does not think that the restaurant will stay open for very long. On the upside, the customer base will likely not change as the dinner guests are all business associates of the owner.
I learned during this experience that because one has generous funds and spends a great deal of time in restaurants with fine dining, this does not mean that the owner should open a restaurant. The chef is pleasant, but feels that while he did not attend a culinary institute, he knows better than anyone what constitutes a good meal. Additionally, the wait staff was lazy and complains that they should be able to order from the menu instead of having "family meal" before their shift because they are friends with the owner. I think that Diana should discuss and outline her responsibilities with the owners because she is stuck doing everything and not receiving the appropriate compensation. Diana points out however, that she is lucky to have a job in these hard times so she keeps her mouth shut. My overall conclusion is that while the surface of the restaurant is appealing, the infrastructure is severely lacking. Read More
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Evaluation of a Foodservice System Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Evaluation of a Foodservice System Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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