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Cooperate Inquiry - Essay Example

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The theory of cooperative inquiry was developed and introduced by John Heron in 1971. Peter re4ason expended this theory and added new factors related to the action research. Reasons' Reaon's ideas and insights lead to the development of the theoretical constructs which, in turn, can be used to interpret the data…
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Cooperate Inquiry
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Extract of sample "Cooperate Inquiry"

Download file to see previous pages The total idea of cooperation inquiry is that research is made with people in contrast to traditional methods based on actions research made on people.
The first step is in a research process is to find and formulate a feasible starting point. The main questions of the research are: What issue in practical experience is worth studying over a period of time Does it fit capabilities and do researchers have the resources Is there a fair chance researchers can get somewhere if they research this issue These are questions researchers needs to ask when beginning research. Cooperative inquiry begins with reflection upon such discrepancies and tries to save them from being forgotten in the maze of everyday work (Harwood 72). They become the focus for further development of the research process and for the generation of knowledge about that process. Such discrepancies need not always be negative and problematic for the researchers. Action research can also focus on trying out good ideas for improvements or on the further development of one's own strengths (Schon 43).
Second step - action phase - is aimed to tests proposed actions and record expected outcomes. One possible way of testing our knowledge of a situation researchers want to improve and develop is to obtain additional information-perhaps by carrying out an observation or by interviewing other people involved. The whole inventory of data collection methods can be used for this purpose (Schratz and Walker 92). As researchers have seen, other people's views can provide starting points for our own reflection, helping to actuate tacit knowledge or to stimulate researchers to collect additional information. It is important to remain clear that such explanations are hypothetical, providing stimuli for research and development rather than replacing them. By introducing changes, trying out new actions, and observing their results, our view of the situation in which we find ourselves is often deepened. Researchers need to find a pattern in the complexities of the situation identified as the starting point for research. First, researchers try to identify the most important individual elements of the situation, to distinguish them from less important elements, and describe them as vividly as possible. The main questions at this stage are: What is happening in this situation Which events, actions and features of the situation are important Which people are involved, and in what kind of activities (Smart 82).
Phase three is a second action phase. When researchers formulate important individual elements of the practical theory, they should not restrict themselves to what happened, but also take account of the context. Cooperative inquiry does not take place in a laboratory in which the researcher controls most of the context. Their own actions are embedded in a framework of other people's interests and actions. Their research and development activities in turn have consequences for others. This stage usually involves people outside the group and the research (Reason. 2008). The aim of this stage is to generate new ideas and new experiences. The main questions at this stage are: Which other people are affected by my research and deve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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