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Team motivation - Essay Example

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In a certain university, there is an organization called Scholarly Academician Organization. Upon its activation year, it had proven itself great by sponsoring numerous academic events and seminars. The whole campus could not help to be awed since there are only 13 initial members.
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Team motivation
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Extract of sample "Team motivation"

In a certain there is an organization called Scholarly Academician Organization. Upon its activation year, it had proven itself great by sponsoring numerous academic events and seminars. The whole campus could not help to be awed since there are only 13 initial members.
After a few decades, the organization, as said, is on its downfall. SAO's activities are receiving bad evaluation from participants, observers and even from the members themselves. The major problem, in summary, is that the members are no longer enthusiastically motivated on pushing through the activities. The organization is now on the treat o dissolving.
This organization, though still in existence, is now bad in shape. And if this writer had ever became a member, he would be aching to push changes.
If that situation had arrived, he would see the problem as more on social aspects.
In due with that, he should quickly establish many changes (which are actually revivals based on their history as currently they had not implemented) on the organization. He should revive the parliamentary rules and procedures on meetings. According to the code of ethics, it to make sure that the meeting shall go professionally, or is in other terms without bias (Slaughter, online, 2006). This is a kind if self-regulation on the president's part, which is technically backed up by a due process-i.e. he could not make decisions on his own, pass bias judgment. In fact he cannot even vote.
In meetings, the writer must be careful of his nonverbal cues, which can influence other emotions (Academic, 1992, 18:12). He should smile often, and control the tone of his gestures into non-threatening, as Patton would suggest in her example (1997, 118-120).
It is about 10 years ago that the since SAO had appointed chairpersons on its activities. Choosing the right people for the first time to chair the right activity was the next challenge. The writer must, prior on that meeting had asked members individually what event do they want to lead. During the past 10 years, the president always "led" all of the activities, which were just a carbon copy of that of last year. Anointing Chairpersons might spark not only original ideas, but also eliminates authoriatism syndrome (Blass, 1977, p. 121). As expected, the green experience of the members should answer none of them. Empathy should tell this writer that being a student and organizer at the same time is challenging. So he appointed not one but a two chairpersons in each event that the organization had sponsored. He knew that in these cases, a sudden change in the whole organizational system might be confusing and to some scary. The writer admits that he is afraid in failure, yet he is aware of that his lack of confidence might be affecting the others. Yet, he was willing to make an example, which is an effective reinforcer. .
During the old years, the organization is nothing but a place where one must strive to have recognition, or affliction-in other words something to fill up the resume. So this writer wil try to motivate and to lift moral his members, at first by issuing the official "hang out" place. Past members only met at weekly meetings, and virtually not even talked on other days. The "Hang out" helps to bring the members much closer to each other. The SAO in times must look like just a bunch of ordinary teenagers hanging out, since they are a bunch of ordinary teenagers. Members became motivated, since they had friends in the organization. This is called affiliation motivation (Lahey, 2001, p.378). As to have a background, there are no direct benefits of being a member of SAO as a friend and a former member state. You will reap them after graduation, as this prefers a student into professionalism. By introducing social affections, a member might have the "inner energy" to assume responsibility. Setting their own time was easier and they are willing to make efforts on pushing through activities. The writer might benefit on this socially.
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