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Take the Pepsi Talent Development at PepsiCo - Essay Example

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Did not complete the assignment or insufficiently discussed how PepsiCo uses its talent to sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace; omitted key information and/or included irrelevant information. Discussed with less than 70% accuracy, thoroughness, and logic.
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Take the Pepsi Talent Development at PepsiCo

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"Take the Pepsi Talent Development at PepsiCo"

Download file to see previous pages Discussed with less than 70% accuracy, thoroughness, and logic.
Did not complete the assignment or insufficiently discussed the challenges that PepsiCo faces related to its talent management system; omitted key information and/or included irrelevant information. Discussed with less than 70% accuracy, thoroughness, and logic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Development and Talent Management
...they are capable of handling. Finally, the human resource management must do training and development with all stakeholders’ interests in mind. This means that all improvements in the business should improve service delivery to customers and attract new ones while taking care of credit worthiness. In addition, the company should also put other factors like corporate social responsibility into consideration. This not only builds a strong name for the company but also increases its chances of attracting talented employees who are likely to benefit from training and development programs and improve on company prospects (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin and Cardy 2009). Other Issues...
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Pepsico the customers, so that it can attract its share of the product market. Given the changing global attitudes towards lifestyles in particular, PepsiCo has an obligation to meet the new market needs by ensuring its products are in tandem with the emerging changes. PepsiCo’s research and product development center works tirelessly and relentlessly to establish new ideas the company can implement that, in order to create sustainable customer value and loyalty. For instance, PepsiCo’s product research and development center has been tasked to find ways of reducing the levels of sugar, calories, and salts in the company’s products as a strategic direction...
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...products. The case even outlines how Pepsi plans to distribute the grants and how grant proposals can be submitted. Question 1 There are various commonalities that can be identified by reviewing the slogans that Pepsi has used to advertise itself. One of the most common themes in these slogans was the youth of the society. In various slogans Pepsi has associated itself with people from the younger generation for example the slogan of 1961 states that those individuals who think that they are young should consume Pepsi. In order to target the youth and to develop its image as a product that has been developed for the youth the slogans...
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