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Definition of Acrson - Essay Example

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The arson,as per the explanation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,'is any willful or malicious burning or attempt to burn,with or without intent to defraud,a dwelling house, public building,motor vehicle or aircraft,personal property of another etc'…
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Definition of Acrson
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Extract of sample "Definition of Acrson"

Download file to see previous pages As per the statistics revealed by the public agencies, more than one hundred thousand incidents of the arsons were registered to the law enforcement agencies in different parts of United States. The religious hated have also attributed to the rise of the arson related cases, and there have been cases where the culprits have damaged the religious property for the sake of prevalence of the truth. The damage to the religious places and the justification of such heinous actions through misinterpretation of the religious teachings has been responsible for the clash between communities with different racial, religious and cultural customs. The arson is not responsible for the fatality of the life; rather it caused economic loss, which has to been accounted by the administration in efficient and effective manner. The arson is no longer a hidden crime; rather it is regarded as the 'murder by fire, a violent crime against property and people' (Nancy, 1997). According to reports, more than seven hundred people are killed on annual basis due to the arson crime; the crime is responsible for causing damage to more than hundred thousand buildings, and cost loss of more than a billion dollar annually (Larry, 2006).According to Mr. Carrey Brown, U.S. Fire Administrator, 'there are, however, effective ways citizens, along with law enforcement and the fire service, can ensure the culprits are brought to justice' (Barry, 2004), thus the solution to the crimes associated with the arson can be rectified through proactive role and crucial efforts of the law enforcement agencies. The different forms taken by the Arson include, 'juvenile fire setting, vandalism, pyromania, a murder weapon, and concealment of a crime' (Barry, 2004), and the elimination of the problem is achievable through identification of the right faces of the arson. According to United States based national arson expert and chief of arson, Detroit Fire Department, Mr. Charles Evancho, 'Arson is one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute successfully. Often the criminal justice system does not view arson as a serious crime. The challenge is to develop sentencing for adults and juveniles' (Barry, 2004). The government agencies have launched several financial schemes which focus upon the financial provisions for the elimination of the arson. The United States government based agency provided '$2 million to 12 states to develop anti-arson programs' (Barry, 2004). The institutions have been established for the rehabilitation of the youth, with no parents and guardians. Recently 'USFA granted financial support a juvenile fire setter prevention program in partnership with a treatment center for abused children, the plan was implemented in Colorado. The intellectuals are of the opinion that public and private funding and participation is required to continue with such schemes, and it is important to realize that arson has to be controlled and handled 'several fronts and people must protect themselves by strengthening prevention and apprehension efforts' (Barry, 2004). Arson is regarded as the 'second leading cause of residential fire deaths and accounts for approximately quarter of the fires incidents reported in the United States' (Barry, 2004), the crime shares one fifth of the damaged property in United States. According to reports, the crime claimed more than seven hundred lives on annual basis, and more than half a million fire incidents related to arson are reported. Only fifteen percent of the cases were able to reach conclusive stage where the arrests are made. It has It has been a common observation that the rate of arson is low in rural areas, whereas the in urban areas, the arson related incidents have reached alarming figure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Definition of Acrson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Definition of Acrson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Definition of Acrson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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