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In accordance with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, justice refers to the result or process of applying jurisdictional laws to punish criminals or offer fair judgments on crime. Today, many communities commonly perceive justice as fairness. For instance, some people may believe…
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Definition of Justice In accordance with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, justice refers to the result or process of applying jurisdictional laws to punish criminals or offer fair judgments on crime. Today, many communities commonly perceive justice as fairness. For instance, some people may believe that when a person does something wrong, the best way to ensure justice for the victim is for the law courts to punish the individual fairly. Nonetheless, a real definition of justice ought to be an equal punishment for wrongdoing. It is vital to consider justice as an equivalent sentence for crime since being just is far from being fair. Fairness implies an unwavering and unbiased abidance by the rules set to punish crimes committed.
A case where a person slaps another without a reason is a typical situation where the applicability of term ‘justice’ is apparent. Rules may forbid hitting the person back for justice; though, it would be the ultimate equal punishment for that offense. In other words, justice is simply “an eye for an eye” price for the crime. Similarly, some individuals may distinguish justice as something deserved and morally correct. However, morals often relate to religious values, which have considerably changed currently. Accordingly, the definitions of the words ‘morally right’ and ‘deserved’ in relation to punishment are distinctively different. Thus, the two terms simply distort what justice constitutes.
Murder cases also bring out the true meaning of justice. The murderer should suffer a similar fate to the deceased: a ‘tit-for-tat,’ as someone would put it. The action is neither morally right nor deserved since there are no accurate definitions for morally correct or deserved. Nevertheless, it is an equal punishment for the crime and alerts the public of the penalty they would endure as a justice if they engage in crime. Notably, the following qualities form the basis of justice: fairness, restoration, and retribution.
Therefore, people should see justice as an equal penalty for committed crimes. Most judicial systems emphasize fair, deserved, and morally correct judgments. Nonetheless, these terms lack a universal definition and could result in inappropriate punishments. What one judge considers as a morally correct verdict may be immoral in the view of another judge. Lastly, adjudicators ought to make equal decisions to cases rather than considering whether a punishment is fair or unfair.
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