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Food Allergys - Essay Example

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Food allergies are a common occurrence these days due to the varied ways that our food supply is grown and maintained. A combination of chemical enhancements and scientific experimentation on in the hopes of producing better fruits, vegetables and livestock have come to affect the way our body reacts to food…
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Food Allergys
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Extract of sample "Food Allergys"

Food Allergies Food allergies are a common occurrence these days due to the varied ways that our food supply is grown and maintained. A combination of chemical enhancements and scientific experimentation on in the hopes of producing better fruits, vegetables and livestock have come to affect the way our body reacts to food. The allergens then produce the so-called allergic reaction as the body's way of eliminating what it senses to be an unknown substance in the body.
Genetics also play a key factor in determining what kind of allergies, if any, a person shall have. The key risk factors for inherited allergies come down to 2 key reasons. Family background and age seem to be known causes of certain allergies. Hay fever, asthma, hives and eczema can be traced back to specific family backgrounds. While allergies such as milk, soy, wheat and eggs are considered to be more age related and occur mostly in children. In adults, food allergies are most commonly connected with the ingestion of peanuts, fish and shellfish.
Recent studies also suggest that an immune system defect may also cause food allergies. Dr. Claudio Nicoletti of the Institute of Food Research in the United Kingdom believes that an allergy happens in 2 stages. He explains that "There are two stages to food allergy. The first is sensitisation, when the immune system starts producing an antibody in response to eating a food. The second is when that food is eaten for a second time, triggering an allergic reaction. We have identified an immune response malfunction that occurs in the sensitisation stage, which could provide a target for future therapies," (qtd. in FoodQuality
The National Jewish Medical and Research Center also noticed a certain trend with regards to the incidences of food allergies. Their study shows that:
Food Allergies are estimated to occur in 6 to 8 percent of infants and young children. A number of these children outgrow their Food Allergies over the first three to five years of life. Compared with other conditions such as allergic nasal symptoms, the prevalence of food allergy in adults is relatively low: Approximately 2 to 3 percent of adults are thought to be affected.
While children outgrow most allergies, there are no means or methods in general that can be said to cure food allergies. Anti-histamines and epinephrine can help alleviate some signs and symptoms of food allergies. The best and easiest way to deal with food allergies seems to remain the most basic method as well. Identify what foods he is allergic to and then try to avoid eating those foods at all costs.
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Food Allergys Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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