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Elizabeth Keith - Personal Statement Example

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I viited the Aia Pacific mueum, which i one of the four mueum in the country, which pecialize in the art and culture of Aia and the Pacific region .the mueum contain a lot of art work from variou artit of Aia and Pacific region. The miion of the mueum i to make people aware and to teach them about the culture and art of the region, which i not well known to them (herman, 77-99) and the one that repreent the culture of Eat and Pacific region…
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Elizabeth Keith
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Extract of sample "Elizabeth Keith"

Download file to see previous pages It depict one of the only form of entertainment available to the poor during thi period. Thi how their own way of enjoying the "blood port", which eem to be the only way to get their anger out, which wa building in them due to their failure of being the diadvantage cla of the ociety.
The mueum contain a lot of intereting and beautiful art piece by variou artit. The culpture are amazing, becaue they gave a good view of the culture and art of the region, and I aw many culpture of Buddha, made in Bronze, Gold etc.
Elizabeth Keith wa born in cotland, and i known to be a great artit (Helen, 66). Her iter married an Englih publiher, who lived in the Aia and Pacific region and work in Japan at that time. Elizabeth went to Japan to meet her iter in1915, and tayed there for quiet a long time. he thought to explore the region and viited the neighboring countrie, uch a China, Korea and Philippine. he pent her time in water painting the intereting and facinating cene, which he witneed. he made quiet a number of painting in that time and when he came back in Japan to her iter, he wa able to hold an exhibition of her painting. After looking at her painting, the entrepreneurial Japanee print publiher, Watanabe chozaburo, peruaded her to move further on thi regard. He convinced her that hi carver and printer would produce woodblock print for ome of her watercolor painting and thi will enhance her work a an artit. Thi idea facinated Elizabeth Keith and he prolonged her tay in Japan, and tarted learning woodblock printing. Her work wa highly appreciated and he met ucce in Japan and her publiher wa ure that he would get a huge repone in Europe and America a well. (Waton, 54)
Fritz Capelari, who wa an Autralian artit, influenced Elizabeth Keith work and Watanabe alo publihed hi work. Elizabeth Keith traveled a lot in Aia and epecially in Eat Aia and produced number of painting, which reflect the culture of the region. Her painting are very popular in United tate and European countrie and are counted a an important work when talked about the Aian and Pacific Art (herman, 11). Mot of her work wa diplayed in Watanabe tudio and wa detroyed in the earthquake, which hit Tokyo in 1923. he went to France to tudy art and tayed for almot ix year, but her love for the Eatern region made her come back to Japan and he tayed there for few year, until the World War II tarted. he came to United tate of America, where he completed the remaining year of her life and held an exhibition in Tokyo in her lat year.
Cock Fight
I aw her painting "The Cock Fight", in the mueum, which wa made in China, in 1925. It i a port in China, which i alo known a a blood port. It i a fight between two rooter, and i held in the ring, which i like a wretling ring, and thi ring i known a a cockpit. The owner of the cock, et pair of bird to fight, and gambling i a major factor in the fight. The term cockpit, wa alo ued in the ancient time, a in 16th century, it wa ued a a place, which wa ued for the entertainment purpoe and alo for the frenzied activity. We can ee the ue of thi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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