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All medical care should be free in our society - Essay Example

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Nothing in the world is free. People like to believe that good things in life are free for example 'love', but then again some people would argue that no such thing as love exists. Taking a very hard perspective, everything can be seen as a business - an exchange of goods or services…
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All medical care should be free in our society
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Extract of sample "All medical care should be free in our society"

All Medical Care Should Be Free In Our Society Nothing in the world is free. People like to believe that good things in life are free for example 'love', but then again some people would argue that no such thing as love exists. Taking a very hard perspective, everything can be seen as a business - an exchange of goods or services. Without such an exchange, there would be minimal justification for someone to give something to another. Therefore I think that even a necessity for human health i.e. medical care should not be free for anyone.
Medical care is defined as the "professional treatment for illness or injury" in the Princeton WorldNet Dictionary. The word professional is the key here. In the dictionary it is defined as a person "engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood". Since profession is an occupation from where the professionals earn their livelihood, this expense has to be paid out of somewhere. Expecting the medical center to pay for the services of doctors, nurses and other staff would be a heaven at earth. Furthermore expecting the professionals to not get paid for their services would be implausible as they have to feed and live themselves. So therefore this cost has to come from somewhere, be it the patients, charities or the government.
Charities exist for the welfare for the people. They collect from the willing donors and distribute the income to take care of the needy. If a person is in need of an operation, a local hospital may conduct the operation free of cost for the patient, but pay for the surgeon and the resources used in the operation through the charities received. Interestingly, this process is not at all free since somebody in the society is paying for it. Even if that person is not the patient himself/herself, a member or members of the society are paying for the medical bills of that patient.
This sort of 'free' medical aid provision is also seen in some of the European countries and in the US. The system there is such that the government provides the medical care charges for the patients. This model is tricky as from the front it looks as if the government is providing social service to the citizens, however in reality the government cuts a hefty portion of an employee's salary under the head of healthcare amongst other services like education, utilities etc. So in-effect the patients are paying for their healthcare from their own pre-deducted incomes.
From these examples it is clear that medical care can never be free. It may be necessary for people, and the society's objective should be to look out for their members, yet the idea that the society would provide healthcare services for free is far-flung as it needs to sustain itself from the receipts of patients care service. Even if the medical service is called 'free', it truly could never be free as somebody will be paying for it in some form in the society.
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