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The Sandplay Therapy Process. Images of the Self (Estelle L. Weinrib) 2004 Review - Essay Example

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Sandplay therapy, images of the self depicts the process of sandplay process. The book emphasizes on the sandplay treatment and the positive effects of the treatment. The author has given more importance to the theories of each and every scientist and researchers…
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The Sandplay Therapy Process. Images of the Self (Estelle L. Weinrib) 2004 Review
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Download file to see previous pages The children and their metal status decide their life and their behavior.
The author relates the theories proposed by scientists like Neumann and Jung are portrayed in such a way that the reader gets a complete idea about the sandplay treatment. The theory of Neumann concentrates more on the psychological aspects of a person. The psychic development and its effects are clearly depicted and the consciousness level of a person is also explained. (Weinrib, 2004).The author also provides information about the development in childhood. The major part of childhood development relies on the psychological factors and they in turn decide the character of the children. Children's ego must be developed in a healthy environment since the environment where the children grow play a vital part in their life. The psychological factors and the role they play in a child's life are referred with the help of Jung's theories. Jung's theories were based on the connection between the unconscious self.
The sandplay which was first found by Dr.Margaret, was considered to be the best treatment that identified the problems in the children. Sandplay treatment did not make use of any explicit medical equipment. It treated the children in such a way that
the result was effective. The author stroke the difference between the normal verbal treatment and the sandplay treatment. ...
Psychology was an important concept and the doctors had to strike a balance between these factors and the emotions. The deeper thoughts and mental states were examined before the beginning of the treatment.
The mentality of the children and their mental state has been clearly defined in the book. The author has emphasized on the fact that the child's feelings and emotions can be caught with the help of sandplay. (Weinrib, 2004).The treatment initially began from the idea of Dr.Margaret with an effort to treat children without disturbing their mental status. Since the psychological part of a person decides their life, the treatment concentrated more on those aspects.
Sandplay Treatment
Sandplay treatment helped people to express their anger, fear and other emotions. The treatment also helped them to get back to their normal status within a very short period of time. Jung's theory also stated that the other issues related to developmental problems and behavioral attributes were also resolved using this treatment. The major goal of Jung's therapy was to help the children to become normal
without any psychological disorders. After its introduction, the treatment became popular within a short period and most of the doctors preferred this type of treatment. The effort of Jung became successful and thus the problem that prevailed was resolved easily. The concept of this treatment was derived from the way the children expressed their feelings while handling the miniatures. Children who played with miniature dolls showed their anger and frustration which they had with their family members or with their friends. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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