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Camparison of three psychological disorders - Essay Example

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Everyone goes through tough times at different points in their livesand feels down or sad or overwhelmed and agitated or over stimulated. The human mind is a set of intricate chemical balance, which is sensitively attuned to the emotional and physical states of the human being…
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Camparison of three psychological disorders
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Extract of sample "Camparison of three psychological disorders"

Download file to see previous pages This also affects the cognitive and the behavioral aspect of the human activity and thus impacts his everyday life. These symptoms can be controlled through awareness, training and medication under the supervision and care of an experienced medical practitioner. There is tremendous role of counseling in the management and understanding of these symptoms which can have debilitating affect on the life of individual suffering from these mental diseases.
Non-melancholic depression is the most 'common' type of depression seen by general practitioners. In this case the depression is not melancholic, or, put simply, not primarily biological. The term depression is sometimes used to describe the normal sadness orlow mood people feel if they've had to cope with a stressful event or problem, such as the death of a loved one or a relationship break-up. Depression is also the name for anillness that is more severe than normal sadness, lasts longer than two weeks, and interferes with other parts of your life, such as work, school or relationships. (Seligman, Walker, & Rosenhan)
Instead, it has to do with psychological causes, and is very often linked to stressful events in a person's life, alone, or in conjunction with the individual's personality style. Non-melancholic depression is the most common of the three types of depression. People with non-melancholic depression experience:
a depressed mood for more than two weeks
Social impairment (for example, difficulty in dealing with work or relationships).
It is also referred to as 'major depression', 'clinical depression', and 'mixed anxiety and depression' and is characterized by depressed mood for more than two weeks. Individuals with non-melancholic depression tend to exhibit key features such as a decline in self-esteem, self-criticism, a depressed mood, as well as non-specific features, such as a change in appetite, fatigue or sleep disturbance. People with non-melancholic depression do not have the marked psychomotor disturbance seen in melancholic depression and are less likely to report major problems with memory or concentration.
Non-melancholic depression has a high rate of spontaneous remission because it is often linked to stressful events in a person's life. Non-melancholic depression responds well to different sorts of treatments (such as psychotherapies, antidepressants and counselling), but the treatment selected should respect the cause (e.g. stress, personality style). However, the challenge faced by general practitioners in treating this group, is the high rate of 'spontaneous remission'; hence, accurate assessment of treatment can be difficult (Wolfe,Erickson & Sharkansky ). Counseling can provide a platform for venting out the fears and overpowering memories related the disease and thus give a person a fresh perspective to deal with the issue which leads to depressive symptoms. The limitation in this approach is it is dependant upon the cooperation from the individual.
Anxiety is normal reaction to stress and can have major or minor physiological impact on the person experiencing this symptom. In the state of anxiety the individual undergoes physiological changes which affect his cognitive, somatic emotional and behavioral aspects of life. These factors combined result in feelings of apprehension, fear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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