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Art imitates life, it is said, and a work of art is often judged according to how artistically it records the vagaries and vanities, the comicality and contradictions, the angst and occasional animalism of living. This thesis will thus seek to evaluate the literary works of Jane Austen as these were creatively transposed from her own life and times.
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Jane Austen: Life And Writings
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Download file to see previous pages For the novel is successful only if it exposes human nature under the light of artistic wisdom, to enable us to know people more than is possible in a simple chronicle of day-to-day human affairs.
The study of Austen's life will be based entirely on her "Biography: Life (1775-1817) and Family (http://www.pemberley.com/janeinfo/janelife.html)," which consists of the following chapters: a) Her Childhood and Early Creative Works; b) Jane Austen's Brothers and Sisters; c) Early Adulthood at Steventon and Bath; d) Maturity in Southampton and Chawton; and e) Portrait of Jane Austen.
The body of the thesis will start with a biographical sketch of the author compressed in not more than three paragraphs topped by a topic sentence. At least two paragraphs will then be devoted to a summary of each of the six novels, including a topic sentence in each summary pointing out the possible similarities between Austen's life and her writings.
To get the feel of Jane Austen's body of works in its totality it is necessary that we get into her soul first. Thus, this thesis as organised will start with a scrutiny of her life and experiences to set the mood for the reading - and hopefully better understanding - of her tales. From a discussion of Austen's life and times, we will proceed to recapitulate the six novels to be prefaced by a notation on characters, events and scenes that reflect her own life, experiences and thoughts.

The Making of a Writer
Topic sentence: Jane Austen never had formal schooling, having just attended a boarding school briefly, but a passion for reading and the influence of a family of voracious readers endowed her with an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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