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Characteristics of The Regency Era - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "Characteristics of The Regency Era" casts light on the peculiarities of the era of Regency. It is stated that the Regency era is the period the existed during the ruling of Prince of Wales i.e., from the year 1811 till 1820. …
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Characteristics of The Regency Era
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"Characteristics of The Regency Era"

Download file to see previous pages In the novel, Anne Elliott who plays the leading role in the novel was displayed as an independent woman who believed and could differentiate between right and wrong. The Regency period was also a portrayal of the good faith and the Christian code of conducts. Women in the Regency period were also believed to be uptight and often refrained from showing their emotions.Based on the article, it could be said that the regency period although however, bad as it may seem also had a certain sense of ethics and good code of conduct among people which was easily displayed in their actions. The people respected the women, although this could be taken negatively their ways of living held high standards and code of conducts that we often tend to seek in the current era. The good manners were mostly portrayed among the female gender of the society who were always required to act in a formal manner no matter what whereas this was not expected as much from the male gender of the society.Joannou, Maroula. Women's Writing, Englishness, And National And Cultural Identity. The Regency period as described in the novel Persuasion by Austen in 1818 shows a period of overindulgence and sexual misconducts. According to Austen, the Regency period existed from 1811 to 1820 which was when the Prince of Wales took over the throne as George IV, this era is popularly known as the period wherein recklessness and exorbitance were at their peak and this was all characterization of George IV himself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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