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Safety - Essay Example

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The UK has come a long way in terms of industrialization and development in terms of construction methods and standards.Infact eversice the mid seventies Britain's industrial structure has emerged as highly advanced as more machinery has been introduced to eliminate man-power and the services and construction industry is employing even less people than before(Booth 1992)…
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Extract of sample "Safety"

Download file to see previous pages All this has contributed to an overall shift to the working and safety patterns in Britain as there has been a massive increase in temporary, agency and contract working, together with an inflow of migrant workers both from within and outside the EU. Also there has been an increase in the use of public places and thus safety issues become focal and form a large part of government planning and policy.(Booth 1992) There is an increased need for interference by the relevant health and safety law enforcement authorities and in Britain the Health and Safety Authorities deal with these activities which range from workplace concerns,nuclear plants,power plants,and offshore installations to colleges and manufacturing factories.However every year many thousands of workers suffer injuries at the work place.(HSE statistics 2007).
The laws have been updated to give the workers/labour force protection by focusing on sector specific laws. The Health and Safety Act 1974 alone extended protection public sector employees working in local government, hospitals, education and other services. It also imposed duties on self-employed people and on the designers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and materials and those affected by their duties.The past several decades have seen many tragic sagas like that of the Piper Alpha oil installation explosion, the Clapham train crash and the Kings Cross fire which created large health and safety issues.(Booth 1992). The Health and Safety Commission has thus played a seminal role in the management of the health and safety regulation in Great Britain by looking after health and safety in nuclear installations and mines, factories, farms, hospitals and schools, offshore gas and oil installations, the safety of the gas grid and the movement of dangerous goods and substances, and many other aspects of the protection both of workers and the public. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is a part of a century long safety tradition in Britain and it set up new institutions and provided for the progressive replacement of all safety law which was then in place.The Act also provided for the setting up of two main institutions .Firstly the Health and Safety Commission(which consists of ten people who are appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport, LocalGovernment and the Regions). HSC makes arrangements to secure the health, safety and welfare of people at work, and the public, in the matters of making new law and conducting inquiries.The Employment Medical Advisory Service run by it advises people on health and safety ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... implementing new safety measures. It is also important that I ensure direct access to the top manager in the manufacturing plant, since lack of management buy-in may make the safety initiatives not long lasting. I should also have access to every work area and department, and must question employees freely for the purpose of information gathering. Regular status report will be prepared so that I can update supervision on current safety proposals and identify areas that should be improved on (Pradeep 8). Record keeping and documentation will help me to give written evidence provided by the new safety program to show positive results and also to protect the firm incase of a safety inquiry or when a lawsuit is filed. I can also include...
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... for lock out. As was part of the Piper Alpha operations and safety processes, a work permit was handwritten by the current technician with information that Pump A should not be turned on due to the temporary inability to handle pressure loads. Up until this point, the safety and operational processes were in-line with platform practice and expectations. Six hours later, the written permit indicating that Pump A should, under no circumstances, be turned on was somehow misplaced by the next shift working in the operations control room. Unknown to the technician who wrote the permit, there was a supplementary permit already posted that authorized construction overhaul of Pump A in the control room. No verbal exchanges occurred between...
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...) Ignition source: The ignition source can be directly associated to heat. 2) Fuel: Is necessary for the fire or explosion to burn. 3) Oxidiser: Substances also necessary for the reaction of fire or explosion. Oxygen is the most common oxidiser. The fuel (Pharmex) and oxidation (air) are present at most places in the plant, hence the basis of safety will be: 1- The removal of ignition source. 2- Minimization of risk in the event of an explosion or fire. The explosibility properties vary for different substances. Most important are: Minimum ignition energy. It indicates the spark energy needed to ignite a powder cloud. Whilst most flammable liquids have values of less than two mL, hence can be ignited by almost any spark the energy require...
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... of accidents has reduced over a period of time but they are still large in number as compared to other industries. The contractor should ensure to provide safe working environment to workers and general public and consider all factors like humanitarian concern, economic cost and benefit and legal and regulatory consideration which motivate safe practices at work site. Humanitarian Concern Because of the accident risks involved at job site all safe practices including safe environment, tools, selection of worker, dissemination of safety instruction and enforcement of safety rules are the responsibility of employer as directed by the court. Employer liability in case of injury or death due to accident at work site is established since long...
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... of kitchens and qualities of employees. As such, more effort and research is required to ensure the safety of our food supply in restaurants. BACKGROUND Food is the first necessity of man. More specifically, the Chinese have an extra urge and love towards food. Indeed, each dynasty came up with new recipes. This led to the rise of the art of food preparation that reached its peak during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). In this context, Man Han Quan Xi refereed to the dinner. Man Han Quan Xi incorporated the very best of Man and Han Cuisine. Indeed, Man Han Quan Xi is highly esteemed as it involves countless dishes, each with its own distinctive flavor and appeal (Online Confucius Institute). Because of such long history of Chinese food...
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...working environment. Failing to comply with these regulations attracts legal penalties that often are consequential to the organization. One of the superior ways of maintaining health and safety within an organization is educating the employees on the need for safety in a working environment and the minimum safety level requirements demanded in the organization. The management should thus be aware of how to induce effective training programs and how to align the employees towards the managerial objectives as far as health and safety is concerned within the work place. In reality, employee training is a key strategy to minimization of accidents, illnesses and death in...
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...within the organization. The most prevalent occupational health and safety standard which is in existence today is the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001standard, which is suited to many organizations large and small. It has been implemented in many countries including the United States of America, Great Britain, Japan etc with the support of the local standards institutes. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Chrysler have all thrown their lot with this standard which is also supported by the British Standards Institute. In the absence of an International Standards Organization or ISO standard, the OHSAS standard is the one widely accepted standard recognized all across the world. In this...
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... to use their skills to design an effective system to prevent high levels of risk for employees (Zacharatos, Julian, & Iverson, p. 91). I would prefer to work for the mining industry as I feel that this industry has more need for designing safety practices as the workers of this industry are succumbed to high levels of risk. Hence, practicing ergonomics for this industry would be highly effective and applicable. Q2. The presentation “Goal Setting for Young Professionals” has several important points that can be of significance when planning a career. One of the most important points that grasped my attention was the differentiation between a career and just a job. Hence, the presentation emphasized that a person should choose their career...
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...that organizations are usually too focussed on their products and services to attend to the safety concerns of workers (Maguire 46). This action plan will involve all the major functions of the organization. A statement of conditions will be made. This is a guideline on the measures to be taken in case of safety emergencies. On the grounds and equipment, the material and equipment used in the production will be upgraded to modern standards so as to avoid safety violation. Modern equipment is computerized and safer because activities that are sensitive and risky are carried out by the machines instead of workers who are prone to error, one of main causes of accidents. The working...
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... and qualitative tool, typically created from a spreadsheet during the testing, to assist the personnel anticipate what can go wrong with the process, and then to develop plans to mitigate various risk of failure. It is important to point out that all the debris from the test site must all be cleaned up before setup. Despite the distance, they should always ensure they wear protective gear for both their ears and eyes. This ensures that they are protected at all time with the sound and any unforeseen eye direct infection. However, all these are only done after a 10-12 second countdown to ignition has been in place to ensure every at the site is attentive. The testing is procedural to ensure safety at all times and whenever ignition...
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These include the Gyro compass and the rate of turn indicator, among others.
Moreover, the AIS yields data from the ship’s compass and transmits this simultaneously. Relevant information including the ship’s name and the VHF call sign are encoded during equipment installation and are transmitted less often. Receipt of such signals is done through the AIS transponders installed on other ships and on land-based systems like the VTS.
To guarantee that the VHF transmissions of distinct AIS transponders do not transpire simultaneously, they are time-multiplexed. This is made possible through the use of patented technology tagged as STDMA (Self-organising Time Division Multiple Access). One issue of contention is w...
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If the condition is not detected at birth with proper testing, symptoms usually occur within the first few days or weeks of life after the baby drinks breast milk or a lactose-containing formula. The buildup of galactose can cause severe damage to the liver, kidneys, central nervous system, and other body systems.
A less severe form of this disease is Duarte galactosemia or galactokinase deficiency. This condition can be managed with a few dietary restrictions, and there is no risk of neurologic or liver damage. However, cataracts can develop.
Following symptoms and signs are present: poor feeding and poor weight gain, vomiting and diarrhea, jaundice, cataracts, lethargy and hypotonia, hepatomegaly, encephalopathy, bulgi...
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For semi-detached or detached house the volume of the extension is less than 70m3 or 15 percent of the volume of the original building whichever is the greater subject - with an absolute limit of 115m3.” [1]

Though apparently the extension pertains to none of the above cases yet the purpose of the extension if renewed and renovated it may not at all require the Building Regulation’s approval and obtain a retrospective Building Regulation consent for the extension from the Local Authority. When the house converted to a terraced house the extension’s construction becomes perfectly legal considering it is less than 50 cc or 10% of the volume of the original building as cited above. Poles are bored to crea...
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Occupational Health and Safety Session Long Programs

... lighting, slippery surfaces, change of floor surface from wet to dry, changes in levels, slopes, smoke, steam, and/or unsuitable footwear. HSE has outlined the following five-step approach to manage risks from slips and trips. Identify slip and trip hazards, such as uneven floors and trailing cables in the workplace. Make a decision on possible people at risk, and consider whether precautionary measures in place are adequate. Record the findings and review the assessment periodically. Also, HSE has recommended establishing good working practices, such as training workers in the correct use of safety and cleaning equipment, provide sufficient lighting to illuminate risk areas, check floors for slip and trip risks and minimize them, keep...
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Importance of Human Health and Safety in Workplace

... 31 Introduction Health and safety of an individual is of extreme importance. The health and safety of an individual might be in various levels such as health and safety related to workplace and natural environment. The health and safety of an individual in the workplace is very significant. Organisations should keep in mind the safety of the people associated with it. It should evaluate and manage the hazards that can arise in place of work which could affect the healthiness and safety of the people in that place (Alli, 2013). Making the workplace safer might not require being expensive but it needs to ensure the safety of the employees. In fact, ensuring workplace safely would ultimately save substantial proportion of revenue...
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Occupational Marine Safety and Health Management in the USA

The US Marine Corps ORM manual highlights the processes and steps that must be adhered to, for the maintenance of quality service and safety. The nature of militants’ operations, particularly combat operations, is quite complex, demanding and involves a lot of risks. In order to operate effectively, the ORM manual has integrated two important aspects: safety and risk management, in decision making. This helps the leaders and commanders to strategically plan and execute their daily missions. The ORM enables US Marine Corps to discharge their duty, with minimal losses and in a timely manner. Therefore, ORM has proven to be an invaluable tool for the U.S Marine Corps operations.
The Oxford Learners Dictionary defines risk...
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Health and Safety Legislation in the UK

...iled in regard to health related injuries are usually filed every year demanding compensation due to damages caused to a worker after getting injured at the place of work (Davies 2012, p. 23). In order for companies to avoid such situation, they have devised means into which they can protect their workers and the rest from health hazards. This implies the introduction and strict adherence to safety regulations. Every company which pose a risk to the workers usually has a set of strict regulations which the workers have to adhere to, for instance, wearing of helmets when in an Engineering company (Davies 2012, p.67). In Great Britain, law regarding health and safety is always under the Local authorities (Las) and the HSE (Health and...
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How Might Leadership Affect Safety Management

... has always played a major and important role in the organizational development. An efficient and effective leader provides operational oversight, inspiration to the business. Good leadership is very important for the organization Leadership helps in transformation of the potential into reality. Health and safety of the employees is also very important and a matter of concern for the organization as the management of the organization has to ensure that the health of the people is not damaged. Managing health and safety of the people is not only considered as being socially responsible but it should be considered as the main objectives of the organization. Safety of the employees in the organization is the responsibility of everyone...
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Development of the Occupation Health and Safety Strategy

... prevent occupational stress among workers in various occupational institutions (Byrne, 2011).Well managed, organized and designed work is significant for the people but when insufficient attention to work organization, management and job design has taken place, it can lead to work related stress. Work related stress happens as a result of the failure of the employees to cope with the demand of their employers. According to Coggon (2013) development of the occupational health strategy in the United Kingdom is aimed at improving occupational health and safety in the region by coming up with effective measures that will help deal with stress that are related to the place of work as stipulated in the occupational health and safety at work act...
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... that the hostel under study is not a place of work. 2. Guidance relevant to the incident: The investigative process will include a six-step process as guidance to this incident (Health and Safety Executive 2004): 2.1. Step 1: Immediate Action Immediate action includes evacuating the area and collecting any perishable evidence like CCTV footages and video tapes. 2.1. Step 2: Planning the Investigation Here, I will decide what resources will be required to complete the investigation; will it be a team or a single investigator; and, what will be the duration of the investigation process. 2.2. Step 3: Data Collection: People present on the site of accident will be interviewed, and any hard evidence (equipment, documents, tapes, etc) may...
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