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Magazine Exceptionalism - Essay Example

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The concept of Magazine Exceptionalism is based on the premise that magazines unlike other media forms are unique, peculiar and proactive. Magazines as a media genre share a two-way relationship with the society. In fact, David Abrahamson believes that magazines are more vibrant and responsive media forms as compared to other media forms like newspapers, broadcasting and online media (Tim Holmes ed…
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Magazine Exceptionalism
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Extract of sample "Magazine Exceptionalism"

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In the text under consideration, David Holmes proceeds to cite the examples of some important magazines that can be attributed largely the honor of altering the social dimensions and the way people thought. The most relevant example in this context is the magazine Sassy, which was targeted at the teenage girls and originated in Australia in the 70s (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). Eventually the Australian publishers took this magazine to America. The magazines catering to teenage girls until now were utterly conservative and modest in their approach to teenage issues (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). However, Sassy with its liberating content, revolving around the issues like teen sexuality and the erotic aspects of teenage girls' personality, played a pivotal role in changing the social norms (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). So much so, the other contemporary teenage magazines also started modifying their content to meet the competition posed by Sassy (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). The one other important magazine that brought to the forefront the economic and cultural aspects of contemporary cinema was Esquire, published in the late 70s (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). ...
Primarily, the magazines as a media form are very close to the masses (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). In contrast, other media forms like the print and broadcasted media prefer to retain a journalistic distance from the society (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). Secondly, people look to the contents in the magazines as catalytic and proactive, which not only intends to inform them, but also stimulates them to act and respond (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). Magazines are media forms that not merely direct the society from outside, but are something that live, act and thrive within the confines of society and popular culture.
There may exist objections to this exalted aspect of magazines, as it is very difficult to establish the causality between the contents of a magazine and the attributed alterations in the society, in a strictly academic and scientific way (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). In a culture saturated with media, it is utterly difficult to attempt this analysis, as the media forms and the culture are often intricately intertwined (Tim Holmes ed. 2008).
Still magazines will continue to be an important and potent media form that will always have an important role in the shaping of the current culture and society.
Holmes, Tim ed. (2008). Mapping the Magazine. Wales: Cardiff ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Magazine Exceptionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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