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To create a cycle of myth based in truth - Personal Statement Example

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I came out of my mother's womb not feeling the touch of fresh air against my skin but jolted by the freezing cold of a river's undercurrent, choking and gasping instead of crying. Finally when she held me up from the water the sun shone from behind the jungle at the river's bank, and the warm breeze felt like the touch of a giant's warm hand against my shivering body…
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To create a cycle of myth based in truth
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Extract of sample "To create a cycle of myth based in truth"

The Cycle of Myth I came out of my mother's womb not feeling the touch of fresh air against my skin but jolted by the freezing cold of a river's undercurrent, choking and gasping instead of crying. Finally when she held me up from the water the sun shone from behind the jungle at the river's bank, and the warm breeze felt like the touch of a giant's warm hand against my shivering body. Thus, God created me, putting me through contrasting experiences: chillness and warmth, fear and relief, chaos and peace. From then on, I embarked on the journey of my life, which was a mixture of suffering and happiness, pain and bliss, toil and rest, darkness and light plus a lot of other emotions.
My mother had absconded her village on a night when our rivals raided the village due to communal vendetta and brutally killed my father. Pregnant and exhausted, but a great swimmer, she dove into the river before the raiders could catch up. On the river's bank there situated a village of a different tribe. They welcomed and gave her shelter. I grew up in this village where the people were peace loving and maintained strong family bonds. The most unique feature of this village was their expertise in building technology and all houses were built on the concept of cosmic architecture which was based on the philosophy that the 'five elements' in the building and humans should remain in perfect harmony. They attributed the tranquil ambience in the village to this synchrony that they achieve in the construction of their homes.
I grew up listening to the myth of the goddess of wealth, who, as stories have it, had come to the village with a gunny bag full of precious stones and sought shelter there. One day, when I was in my eighteens, while hunting in the forest, I came across an old man lying on the ground with a large sack by his side. I approached him, and enquired who he was. He told me that he was a merchant from a nearby town who came here for trade purposes. His horse was killed by a huge bear but he managed to escape with some wounds. I checked the sack and found it contained gold coins. He requested me to fetch him some water but I felt he needed to die. Giving him water and saving his life would bring me no reward but his death would make an immensely rich man. I dragged him deeper into the forest along with the sack and waited till he died. Then I picked up the sack and went home. My mother said it was a sin on my part and this heinous action would invite the wrath of the Goddess of Wealth. I protested, saying that this was the most practical thing to do. My mother said she couldn't tolerate this and would never be a part of it. Thus, she left me on the same day and went to her original village. I never regretted this. Instead, I rejoiced at the fact of my having become a millionaire and began to make my plans for the future life. Read More
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