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Proposed Expansion to Develop Educational Materials for Psychologists - Essay Example

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With our continued philosophy of expanding into new markets, the possibility of developing a line of educational materials which would be advantageous for psychologists in their treatment of patients has been developed. This is a unique non-traditional market which has the potential for further expansion…
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Proposed Expansion to Develop Educational Materials for Psychologists
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Extract of sample "Proposed Expansion to Develop Educational Materials for Psychologists"

RUNNING HEAD: PROPOSED EXPANSION INTO NON TRADITIONAL MARKET Proposed Expansion to Develop Educational Materials for Psychologists
Proposed Expansion to Develop Educational Materials for Psychologists
With our continued philosophy of expanding into new markets, the possibility of developing a line of educational materials which would be advantageous for psychologists in their treatment of patients has been developed. This is a unique non-traditional market which has the potential for further expansion. Currently there is no company filling this specific need and our entry into this market would assure profitability and offer little competition. This proposal was developed with input for psychologists in the field to assess the feasibility and to gain insight into their needs. In the following presentation, the highlights of the research findings are presented for your consideration.
Abnormal behavior is defined as "a psychological dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in functioning that is not a typical or culturally expected response" (Christodulu 2002, screen 1). Further according to the Department of Health and Human Services there are 88,491 clinical psychologists in the United States. With this broad base of potential customers development of this line of educational aids has the potential for wide spread appeal and will increase sales revenue. (2006)
Stemming from the fact that there are multiple models of abnormal behavior: Medical and Psychological; ("Psychological disorders" undated, p. 2) our opportunity to develop multiple product groups is promising. The medical model attributes abnormal behavior to medical conditions and, therefore, a medical approach is used to treat the symptoms. However, the psychological models have various perspectives in regard to treatment: mental functioning, experiences and learning are causes of the behaviors manifested. These include the behavior model which focuses on environmental issues while cognitive models stress the reasons behind behaviors. Lastly, the sociocultural model explores the cultural and social issues that impact behavior. Through developing a product line that will meet the needs of all modality types we will ensure profitability in this emerging market.
To further assist the Research and Development Department several of the most prevalent diagnosed conditions are presented to assist in the development of our product line. One of the major disorders treated is anxiety. In general, there are two major types. One deals with fear of specific things or instances, phobias. The second is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD is a non specific anxiety. A person suffering from this is anxious so much of the time that it affects their quality of life. Teaching relaxation techniques and showing the patient how to use other means to release stress is often the initial stage of treatment. There is a huge potential in this market for development of stress releasing products to assist the patient in meeting their goals of daily relaxation ("Psychological disorders" undated, p. 10).
Another condition noted was depression which is also highly prevalent. Clinical depression is not the depressed feeling we all get at times. Rather, it can be a debilitating condition that affects many people nationwide regardless of. Characterized by lack of concentration, reduced energy, memory problems, and general sense of worthlessness are common traits exhibited. Developing products to help raise self esteem, increase concentration and memory skills are several suggestions which have a wide array of possibilities for development. Unfortunately, suicide is a very real result of depression and it's the 3rd most frequent cause of death for young people 15 - 24 ("Psychological disorders" undated, p. 8). Our development of material for this age group would be highly recommended.
Schizophrenia is another disorder we should consider in our material development plan. This disorder results in a total break with reality and occurs in 1.5% of the population ("Psychological disorders" undated, p. 10). The symptoms displayed vary greatly from loss of speech to hallucinations. Again the potential here is varied.
The last area discussed was personality disorders. With 10% of the population suffering for this disorder and its longevity it is apparent a broad range of products could be developed in this area. The symptoms displayed vary as well as there are 10 general types, ranging from anti-social behavior to sexual identity issues to over or under developed sense of self. ("Psychological disorders" undated, pp 12-13). The vast range of educational material we could market to this group is endless.
In closing, although many people group all these various conditions under the heading mental illness which is defined as "a disorder of the brain that results in a disruption in a person's thinking, feeling, moods, and ability to relate to others and to work" ("Mental illness" 2006, screen 1) as shown from the above presentation the above the symptoms are diverse. Further, based on the sheer number of people affected, the number of practicing clinicians and the variety of products which can be developed this is a potentially lucrative market to develop.
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