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Radiation Experiments - Essay Example

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Ultraviolet rays are a form of electromagnetic waves whose wavelength is much shorter than that of the visible light. The wavelength varies from 10nm to 400nm, the energy of these wave ranges from 3eV to 124eV. The sun emits UV rays and is one of the natural sources of these rays…
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Radiation Experiments
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Extract of sample "Radiation Experiments"

Download file to see previous pages UV rays are also beneficial to humans; these include the UV watermark that helps in authentication of credit cards. Forensic investigation when a crime occurs, in fluorescent lamps where it ionizes the phosphorescent coating inside the tubes which gives off white light. In astronomy where it is used to make observation from space. UV rays are also used to follow a blood trail for a wounded animal. Other uses include sanitary compliance, spectrophotometer, purification of the air, photochemotherapy, chemical markers, phototherapy, photolithography, sterilization among other uses. (NASA)
Investigation of the amount of UV rays that human being are exposed to is important. This information can help in quantifying the effects caused by these rays. UV also affects materials and paint. These Experiments helps determine the effects of these rays on materials with the objective of reducing them or shielding materials and human beings from them (Callister, 757).
From the graphical representation above, the incandescent lamp produces both the UVA and UVB rays. The incandescent lamp produces more of the UVA rays than UVB rays. It is also evident that after switching ON the lamp, the production of UVA is high and slowly fades with time. For the UVB rays, the intensity is relatively constant for the 2 minute period. From the scientific knowledge about the UVA and UVB, UVA is stronger and has a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Radiation Experiments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 Words.
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Radiation cancerous cells. For preventing ill effects from treatments such as NRI the outcomes that it can lead to, have to be thoroughly examined before treating the general public. BIBLIOGRAPHY: CARS/REAP Forum on Nasal Radium Irradiation and Health. Accessed August 14, 2005 from Cherbonnier A. (1997). Nasal Radium Irradiation of children has health fallout. Retrieved August 14, 2005 from Farber S. A. (1996). NASAL RADIUM IRRADIATION & THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS-A FAILURE OF PROCESS. Retrieved August 14, 2005 from Maremont M. (1999). One Crusader's Effort to Publicize A Health Risk Finds Little...
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Perhaps, the most important advance in diagnostic radiology over the years has been the use of CT. However, when as compared to conventional radiography, CT involves much higher doses. The widely prevalent practice of using CT as a screening technique even for minor complaints like a headache has added to the controversy.  Due to all these concerns, there is a pressing concern to incorporate various safety measures and techniques to avoid excess radiation dose from CT scanning. This is one of the reasons that I am composing this reflective journal, which would explore the methods...
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Finally, X-ray shields and gowns are “physical barriers designed to provide protection from the effects of ionizing radiation; also, the technology of providing such protection” (McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Engineering, 2002, par. 1). As emphasized, it is crucial and important for the  “protection of human life (which) is the goal of radiation shielding. In other instances, protection may be required fo...

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All biological matter contains inorganic and organic compounds dissolved or suspended in water. This is a protoplasm. The smallest structural and functional component of protoplasm that can exist freely in the cell (Suntharalingam et al, 2005, p. 485). It is just necessary to study the effects of radiation at the cellular level to truly understand the factors that affect biological tissues. Cells are of two types – somatic cells and germ cells. Of these somatic cells have three subtypes – stem cells (cells that generate other cells through differentiation), transit cells (cells that are in the state of being transformed from one type of cell to another) and mature cells (cells that are fully differentiated and are rela...
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.... Because of this one of the strongest social effects or changes is likely to be a more critical concern being given to the arguments that warn against the dangers of nuclear power, as well as increased drives to make nuclear energy either cleaner and disaster proof, or replaced by “green” energy sources such as solar, bio-fuels, hydrogen, fuel cell, natural gas, hydro-power, tidal energy, wind power, etc. An Ecological Assessment Ecologically, there can be expected to be an increase in radiation related diseases in the Fukushima proximity and possibly areas in Japan or internationally that experience the concentrations of “hot spot” radiation. Since the Fukushima reactors did not explode and release radioactive material into the upper...
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