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George Washington - Essay Example

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Was George Washington Indispensable or was he just a person who happened to be in the right place and the right time and had the greatness thrust upon him The New York Times Obituary stated that James T Flexner showed George Washington as a normal man, in exact words 'brought the hero down from Olympus, if not to eye level, at least to where we can see him whole and see him plain.'1…
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George Washington
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Download file to see previous pages Whether Gandhi was there or not, India would have won freedom in 1947 because Britain was setting all its colonies free following the Second World War. Even if Nelson Mandela was not there Apartheid would have been abolished in South Africa in the 1990s and indeed it is possible that if George Washington was not there, the United States would still have won independence in 1776. But therein lies the most important part. It is not that one event which defined those countries but numerous actions and inactions which happened since then. Indeed Gandhi may or may not have set the country free but his philosophy of non violence defines India. Nelson Mandela bought tolerance into a country where it did not seem possible that people of different colors could live together. George Washington was offered unlimited power to rule a country which had the potential to be the richest in the World and he turned it down. It is very important to understand what a monumental decision that was. Fidel Castro got power in a small island and hung to it till absolutely close to death. Stalin, Polpot, Idi Amin, This is a long list covered in blood. These people who at least for a time were heroes for their country and then the lust of power took them over. Indeed it is not our ability what defines us, it is our choices.
George Washington w
George Washington was a man, even in his lifetime, was considered a figure larger than life, and indeed he was credited with supernatural abilities like it was said of him that that bullets could not hit him. There was an aura of invincibility around him. Indeed lot of the legends were most likely made, like the Cherry tree episode which never happened. As a Soldier he was capable of rashness and poor judgment, he was addicted to gambling, indulged in a good deal of wrenching and was said to be a most horrid swearer2. Was this person who would be the commander in chief for the continental army Let us look at the events of the revolutionary war. When the war began, the British Colonists ("Americans") did not have a professional army or navy. Each colony provided for its own defenses through the use of local militia. Militiamen were lightly armed, slightly trained, and usually did not have uniforms. Their units served for only a few weeks or months at a time, were reluctant to go very far from home, and were thus generally unavailable for extended operations. Militia lacked the training and discipline of regular soldiers3. Each colony was its own little country and fiercely independent. To get them together to be one fighting force was a monumental task; But George Washington was able to do that. The Reason was very simple, everybody trusted him and everybody respected him and indeed he himself was very conscious of the responsibility which came with his character. The second reason why he was able to forge a successful army was his adaptability. While his background was of a professional soldier with single minded professional discipline, here he had to deal with a rag tag mixed outfit of varying loyalties and ambitions. George Washington combined all of that because he realized that all of it, the Militias, the army could be one fighting force without necessarily losing their individual identity. This was not easy, and indeed battles were lost because some commanders would not take George Washington as their leader, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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George Washington as a Military Commander

...fellow American citizens. Somehow, this attitude has made him unique from the other military leaders. The Congress then accepted his offer and allowed the formation of the Continental Army.16 George Washington was designated by the Congress to be the army’s commander in chief. Nonetheless, it was cited that his designation to such position was due to his diplomatic skills and “not so much for his military qualifications.”17 George Washington was the “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”18 This was the statement included in George Washington’s memorial delivered by the United States Congress when he...
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George Washington as a Military Leader

... George Washington as a Military Leader- Defining Moments Introduction The life and military career of George Washington proves that we can learn both from victory and defeat, and that perseverance and steadfastness in the face of the enemy wins the day. A man who always stood up for what was right and just, and against what was oppressive and unjustified, Washington was not only a great man but also an able military leader in the War for American Independence. Discussion George Washington had a military career that spanned over forty years of service. As the commander in chief of the Continental Army (1775-1783), Washington led the Americans to a victory over the British in what is now termed the American Revolutionary War. Having...
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George Washington

... ‘The Crossing’, George Washing took the lead in crossing the Delaware river on the Christmas day to fight the British soldiers. The American troops under leadership of George Washington had to employ numerous war tactics in order to defeat their opponent. Critics believe that good leadership leads to success. In the same way, in the movie, George Washington who was the commander in chief earns credit as an outstanding leader. The American troops sneaked and attacked the Hessian mercenaries that belonged to the Britons. The central theme in the movie is George Washington’s role in liberating his nations. The photograph below portrays George Washington leading his foot soldiers to cross the Delaware River. Crossing of the river was not easy...
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How George Washington Has Influenced Me

... concerned while not considering his personal ambitions. George Washington influenced a nation. Without him the nation likely would not have been formed, at least not at that time. He is the only likely the only person who could have beaten the British and held the country together after it was formed. He was the right man at the right time and had the right stuff. His internal strength combined with an external confidence make him the ideal person to try to emulate. His influence on those of his time, those who followed and everyone today is immeasurable as is his contribution to America and the world. Works Cited Lepore, Jill. “His Highness.” The New Yorker (September 27, 2010). Web. June 16, 2012 ...
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George Washington: The Father of his Country

...Federal government. Washington was also a great diplomat however he believed in the political, economical and social independence of his country from all other countries. After his undisputed choice as President, Washington assisted in putting together the new constitution into a workable tool of government. By his efforts, the decision-making departments of State, Treasury, and War were merged together into an American Cabinet. Washington was the only. It was in his second term as a President when he chalked out the Country’s foreign policy. George Washington told Patrick Henry (1795) that his purpose was "to keep the United States free from political...
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Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington

...mathematics, along with his quiet confidence and ambition, he caught the attention of Lord Fairfax, head of one of the most powerful families in Virginia. From that situation, he grew to become the commander in chief of the Continental army and the most important figure in the American Revolution. It is generally agreed by various historians that no one other than George Washington could have held the revolting colonies and later the struggling young Republic together. "To the Revolution's last day Washington's troops were ragged, starving, and their pay was months in arrears. In guiding this force during year after year of humiliating defeat to final victory, more than once paying his men out of his own pocket to keep them from going...
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General George Washington

...also immaculate. However, George Washington also had to face certain criticism regarding some of his military and diplomatic stand in his contemporary society. The limitations of his career are very rare if compared to the great actions and attempts achieved by this great man, who is very aptly and dearly revered as “Father of Our Country” by Americans. General George Washington: A Complete Appraisal of His Career Washington’s career started taking prominence in the year of 1775, when the Continental Congress appointed Washington as commander-in-chief of the American Forces. In the consequent year, he was successful in throwing the...
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George Washington University Law School

...can excel in any career field. Obtaining my masters will prove that women can accomplish anything they set their mind too. Good education is a necessity in a growing world. It is important for people to become more independent and become a good example for the younger generations. The more good examples that are set will only lead to better leaders of tomorrow. I am certain that with my previous accomplishments and new goals in place that I will prove and set examples. These traits are what it takes to be a leader, the type of leader that comes from hard work. Hard work from a proper education like that of George Washington University Law School is essential for personal development. The LLM program will fit my personal development...
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An Interview with George Washington

Instead, I celebrate the time that they had in this world and the difference they made in the lives of those they touched. I was also blessed to have family and friends to get me through those hard times. My brother Lawrence became like a parent to me after the demise of our father and his father-in-law William Fairfax also played a large role in molding me into the man you see standing before you. As you can see, the almighty may have taken my father to be with him but he provided me with two capable replacements in return and thus I was never lacking.
Washington: (Laughing) Ah yes, not many predicted this path for me when I was young lad. My father, God rest his soul, was a slave owner and a farmer of tobacco. I can say he h...
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Statement of Purpose for George Washington University, Windows, Mac OSX, IMovie, Prezi. I plan to learn more about information systems via libraries and internet after I complete my graduation degree. I also plan to attend seminars and training sessions regarding information systems. I feel that I have extreme craze to go ahead in the computer industry, and that is why I wish to apply for the said course from George Washington University. I want to contribute valuable expertise to the computer industry. Having stated my desire to learn about information systems, I hope that the university officials will consider my application, and will grant me admission in their reputed university so that I may be able to accomplish my dreams and become a talented IT professional in future. Thank...
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Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election

Born into a family of power and privilege, George W. Bush was a mediocre student, compiled a disgraceful military record, consistently failed in his occupational ventures and suddenly transformed from a drunken, cocaine user to a conservative religious zealot. During his first term, the U.S. national budget went from a surplus to the highest debt in history, millions of jobs were lost, the country experienced a foreign attack, the country’s ideological divide grew wider and America’s allies were alienated (Cervera, 2004). How could this have happened, what mechanisms were in place for Bush to be rehired for a job he proved he could not do? A job that is responsible for the world’s largest economy and military. Ac...
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The Post-Washington Consensus

... Issues in Development Theory What is the theoretical underpinning of the Post-Washington Consensus? Has this paradigm shift changed the practice of the Bretton Woods institutions? Introduction In recent history, the capitalist world and the western world at large has been faced with several key issues like inflation, third world debt and currency crises that have often been associated with the policies resulting from the Washington Consensus. Although it seems far fetched, yet even the rise in terrorism and terrorist activity has been linked with the policies created from the understandings of the Washington Consensus. In effect, it is a vital item of debate which must be clearly understood by all those who wish to be a part...
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The Time Machine by George Wells

... H.G. Wells’ Time Machine Considered his first major breakthrough in writing science fiction, H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine was first published in a number of periodicals before finally appearing in the form known today in 1895 (Asimov, 1968). The story introduces its main character, known only as the Time Traveler, as an eccentric inventor and trickster, who finds himself in possession, through careful study and application of theory, of a time machine that allows him to travel back and forth along the fourth dimension he calls duration in much the same way as one might travel through space. Much of the story he tells regarding his first experimental trip to the future centers around the future inhabitants of the earth, whom he... H.G....
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Thomas Rowlands George B. McClellan and Civil War History: In the Shadow of Grant and Sherman

...War History of the Civil War “In the shadow of Grant and Sherman” By Thomas Rowland & James Mc. Pherson Order No: 181403 No: of pages: 8 Premium writer – 6530 War…..2 Abstract Union commander George B. McClellan has always been a potent subject for controversy because he was one of the most complex generals in History. Even though he was much gifted with organizational and administrative skills, yet he was both unwilling and unable to fight with the strong army that he has created. Most of the Modern day historians maintain that McClellan was a poor general; others believed him to be a highly capable commander. Therefore...
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Bill Clinton and George W. Bushs Economic Policies

Bush supporters argue that Clinton inherited a booming economy on the upswing from the previous Reagan/Bush presidencies then ran it into the ground for which George W. now takes the blame. Many Clinton backers disagree taking the position that the current Bush administration has instituted a faith-based economic policy; that Armageddon will happen soon so it doesn’t matter how the country’s economy is managed. To give total credit or blame to one person for every aspect of the nation’s economic condition is hardly a credible stance. However, this paper will compare the two presidents’ economic policies as they relate directly to the end result in similar categories as a means to compare their successes and...
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The Champions of NFC, the George Halas Trophy

...NFC Conference Game analysis: Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints Out of thetwo final round matches of National Football League, one is the NFC Championship Game, the top and the proficient American football league. In order to identify the champions of NFC, this sport is carried out on the penultimate Sunday in the first month of the year. The champion is awarded with the George Halas Trophy and proceeds to countenance the conqueror of the AFC Championship. Lori stated that “It’s the George S. Halas Memorial Trophy, a football-shaped hunk of carved wood and pewter that is named for one of the pioneers of the NFL” (2010). The width is about one hundred and sixty yards wide and the length of American Football field is hundred yards...
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Jewish Art History: George Segal

...Topic: Jewish Art History- George Segal The Jews art history is often a glimpse of its cultural heritage; it brings the past into the present to befelt and lived. Segal belongs to that genre of Jew artists who find a place of respect in Jewish museums. Segal’s sculptors have been a mirror of Segal himself, as “a keeper of America’s conscience” (Haber 2010). Segal is seen as the humanist of Pop Art displaying hopelessness in stead of comic part of life. Ordinary people are parts of Segal sculptors; his characters seem to be white ghosts. It is modern art excelling in plaster. Segal has sculpted his friends in figurative casts in stead of using freehand. His characters are cold white representations depicted in natural setting. Each...
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5 Questions re: The AmericanTradition in Literature by George and Barbara Perkins

An example of the similarities can be read in stories such as At the Time of the White Dawn. The main example is one which is associated with creation and which most cultures across the world accept. From this example, it can be seen that there is a universal understanding of a creator, which is religiously accepted and believed by those that are a part of every culture. Another similarity is based on the cycles of life through stories such as The Corn Grows Up. Every culture accepts that there is a beginning and end to everything, specifically through observances in life and death. These are strongly affiliated with the different Native American stories, as well as other cultures in various regions of the world, showing it as a u...
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Contemporary Slavery and Palm Oil in Washington State

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Applying to George Mason University

...Personal Statement As far as I believe that qualitative education is a great contribution to my future career I decided that the best option for me to get a good education is to apply to George Mason University for an Accounting major. My name is _____ and I am an international student from Saudi Arabia. I’ve got my bachelor degree back in my native country studying Accounting at the University of Dammam. After getting my bachelor degree I undertook an internship program in a contracting and interior design company, which lasted four months. My work responsibilities were engaged with accountancy. After two months of labor intensive training I got promotion and became responsible for preparation of monthly budget and the payroll...
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